It’s Over

Finally, the interminable English Premier League football season has concluded. In what was the worst-ever season for United, they only managed to be gifted the sixth-place finish which qualifies them for entry into the Europa League as their only international football.

United need a complete overhaul.

Here are my thoughts on next season’s Red Devils:

Keep David DeGea, despite a shaky last couple of years, he rebounded to lessen the offensive blows allowed by a porous defense.

Let Harry Maguire go. Herman Munster in a kit. We need a European style of Center Full to distribute the ball in the box.

Let Pogba go. Biggest waste of money since I bet on Notre Dame to beat Alabama in the championship game a few years ago.

Keep Rafael Varane and get him two fullbacks.

Get rid of Lindelof; we’ve got all we’re gonna get out of him.

Get two world-class midfielders.

With the departures of Marcus Rashford and Edi Cavani, there is an outside chance that Ten Hag will realize the tangible and intangibles that the world’s greatest footballer still commands.

Keep Ronaldo.

Put Bruno Fernandes in the middle on top to feed Anthony Elanga, Mason Greenwood, and Jesse Lingard.

Bring back young Daniel James to get more polish as a substitute.

It is going to take a major overhaul, but one thing that I don’t like about this whole debacle of a season.

They bring in Ralf Rangnick with all his knowledge of European football and attacking football, and yet, in games that he managed, he sucked. He didn’t get the players to play together, which, last time I checked, was the manager’s job.

He has constantly derided and chided the past players and managers, and as far as I could tell, did shite by himself. What concerns me is that United are continuing to waste money it needs for elite players (if they can get any of them to come to Old Trafford in the first place). They are continuing to keep Rangnick on the payroll as a consultant.

What the hell is he going to consult about?

How to lose?

How to alienate your players?

How to mismanage people?

And the Reds will be paying him for his “sage” advice.

The headline said, “Is Manchester City on the verge of a dynasty?”

If winning the Premier League title for four out of the last five years isn’t a dynasty, what the hell is?

The producers of the upcoming movie Maverick did not consider asking Meg Ryan to revise her role in the sequel.

Have you seen pictures of her lately?

Three words for you.

Howard the Duck.

I mean, seriously.

In general, I am not the biggest fan of Meg Ryan, but I did like her in the 1996  movie where she played a decorated officer killed in combat. It was called Courage Under Fire, and if I am not mistaken, she received an Academy Award nomination for her performance.

That’s a wrap.

Here’s another short clip from my gig:

Stay well.

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