Give Me More

I absolutely cannot get enough of the videos of doggies and their excitement when they see their owners return home. Have you noticed how the whole parkour thing is pretty much over? By the time I found out what parkour was, it was gone. Give me more shots of people getting knocked down by big waves that they underestimate. The best ones have them losing a drink or better yet, a phone, as they wash away.

How about the 31-year old lady who was shot to death by her 21-year old opponent, a man after beating him in hoops?

Talk about sore losers.

Let me tell you about women basketball players: My nieces both played at high levels in the tough CIF Southern Division, which has produced much of the talent in the WNBA.

Women are tough, and what they don’t have in muscularity, they can compensate for with cunning and quickness. Anytime you want a reality check, just get next on a court where there are women teams playing.

You’ll see.

The Brittney Griner story keeps dragging on, and it will be interesting the deal that they come up with to free her. Don’t give me more bullshit about this or that Russian policy, because none of us believe it. The Russians are just fucking with the United States of America and her citizen because it is in their DNA. People have actually put the woman down for being so outspoken about her sexuality, but guess what Putin, you Charley Brown lookalike, and all you other Russian sheep that don’t have the wherewithal to change your conditions?

In THIS country we can say whatever the fuck we want to say whenever and wherever the fuck we please. Stick to your guns, girl, those assholes can kiss our collective asses, starting with my once round and rock hard buttocks, now reduced to a bony remnant.

Give me many more of the stories of burglaries and break-ins being foiled by family pets. Good boys and girls.

Knock off the stories of doggies’ last hours.

They are not touching.

With all the crazy shit I have done in this world, I haven’t ever seen a snuff flick, but I equate these videos as the same.

You couldn’t pay me to watch one.

And I am NOT touched by the stories of cops spending the taxpayers’ money like stopping a motorist for the reason that he appeared to look like the officer’s deceased son. Now what would have happened if there was a trunk full of dead bodies and drugs?

Two words you should know by now, douchebag.

Probable cause.

I just can’t resist.

Putin’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, has had a rough go of it trying to defeat the gallant Ukrainians. Soi much so, that a high-ranking government official has suggested NOT to try a different strategy, NOR to reposition arms and equipment.


He has suggested Shoigu kill himself.

Who knows?

As crazy as everything that has already happened, who is to say that this won’t happen?

And raise your hand if you will believe that his death will be a suicide.

I didn’t think so.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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