Against the Grain

Not everyone is destined to go with the flow, to navigate the road well-travelled.

Some examples?

How about Billy Hayes walking the opposite direction around the wheel in Midnight Express?

That simple gesture was such a powerful moment in the movie where the American prisoner finally decided that he was NOT going along with the program.

Or how about Robby Benson going against the grain at the end of the 1977 movie One on One?

Draining ‘em from downtown!

Pick any zombie movie and you will find many people going with the flow.

I used to think zombie movies were such a waste of time and imagination, that they were a waste of film, because it could NEVER happen. But if this country could elect a douchebag like Trump, well, anything can happen.

Going against the grain is how you cut your tenderloins to ensure the most tender filet mignons. I actually bought a few filets, without watching them being wrapped, thinking not even a small-town butcher could fuck this up, but no.

I get home to see the idiot apprentice that was breaking down tenders cut WITH the grain, making the tenders inedible. I did not call the meat department or the store manager to complain.


But that was the last penny I will ever spend in their store until time immemorial.

When I putt against the grain of the greens, the ball rolls slower.

You can’t go against the grain in music for the most part, although jazz has some pretty intriguing discordance. It is one thing to be contrary just to do so, but it is another when people begin to take offense if things are not agreeable to their worldview for every little petty bullshit detail.

Here’s a thought.

If you are so tired of it all, if you can’t take one more school shooting, if you can’t take one more senseless murder, if you have finally reached your limit and your glass is full, then…


There are limitless possibilities in outer space. Just don’t go holding your hand out for the rest of us to pay for it because we’re staying.

When you don’t just go along with everyone else, you run the risk of being falsely labelled as a rebel or a dumbass.

Either one of those is way better than being labelled as a sheep, or a follower. Remember though, without followers, there are no leaders to polarize the voters.

Beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing like Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is the Trump female counterpart when it come to saying the stupidest stuff as fodder to the newshawks.

There are people that get all up in it when people don’t stay in their own lanes or when they don’t play nice.

Get over it.

It was sunny and seventy degrees today so I am going to try and make a run at the golf course tomorrow.

Of course I will post about it.

Hopefully we can wake up tomorrow with a feeling of new hope for the future.

If anybody needs it, it’s us.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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