For Real?

It can’t be real life.

This guy Nick Fuentes is a white supremacist?

Did he get dropped on his head when he was a baby?

Somebody, anybody needs to explain to him that his ancestors would be slaves and workers in the REAL white supremacists’ houses, businesses and plantations. Or they might be squatting in a gully in the desert in the pitch black night as they wait for the coyote to fleece them of all their cash and valuables and maybe get them across the border to Texas.


It reminds me of the absolutely hilarious episode of The Dave Chappelle Show where the blind negro was addressing a pro-KKK rally. The black man was spewing hate-speech and riling up the crowd of racists, not knowing his sheet and pointy hat had slipped off, revealing his true skin color. He continued his anti-black tirade as confused and increasingly agitated KKK members started to encircle him.


Just one more thing that pisses off an old man….

Make stiffer penalties for the fuckheads who keep interrupting flights.

Make rudeness an offense you spend a mandatory week in jail to think about. Think about what an incredible asshole you are and ask yourself how are you ever going to go across country in your piece of shit car because you have been banned from flying. If you want a bigger seat, try shrinking the size of your humongous ass so you can squeeze into a normal-sized seat.

Like I tell the Domestic Despot, when I am over everything, there will be some changes.

That is just one of them.



And remember, this is not fat-shaming because I too, was fat at one time.

Too fat to fly.

That was the word handed down to the fat model who was evidently acting rude towards the airline employees.

And don’t get all caught up in political correctness; they are not plus-sized.

They are fat.

Quit saying it like it is a negative. It is a personal thing. It is like saying someone is short or tall.

It’s different, like all of us.

So they said Okay Porky, we’ll see who shows who. We are stopping the flight and diverting to a different destination at which point you can explain to the cops your situation. Good luck hitchhiking home dipshit.

You are not being kicked off the flight because you are fat; you are being kicked off the plane because you were acting like an entitled asshole and demeaning the employees.

You can cure obesity, but you can’t cure stupid.

Or entitled.

I just missed the soup competition held today up in Dayton.

I have three soups which are award-winning and I am sure would place or win here:

French Cauliflower Crème with Crumbled Bleu Cheese and Crispy Pancetta

My big brother Ed’s Lafayette Seafood Gumbo

Swordfish and Halibut Dana Point Chowder

Soups are a chef’s best friend when it comes to food cost. French treatments are a little higher cost, but generally, when I was able sell a cup of soup for 7.99 and bowls for 17.95 (and these were 1990 prices) I was smiling.

Stay well.

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