Much Ado…

“A green comet will appear in the night sky for the first time in 50,000 years.”

Shut up.

Talk to me about something that is documentable, because I will come back and tell you that it absolutely, positively, was 43,740 years and they wouldn’t be able say shit. They know about as much about it as my little Cocker Spaniel Murphy does.

Ben Gvir, hardass far-right Israeli National Security Minister, just might run the risk of upsetting Palestinians by ordering all their flags removed from public sight. Their flags (The Star of David), evidently show “identification with terrorism.”

The order can be overturned, but no one appears ready to leave this realm of existence yet by suggesting the action.

Or as Maddogg might say “Momma didn’t raise no cornpone,” to which the Domestic Despot can’t resist, and follows with “Yes, she did.”

A Mexican prison escape just across the Texas border has released twenty-four criminals back in line to be processed as asylum-seekers. I hope their prison uniforms and unruly appearance make them stand out to border guards.

The problem with using prison as a deterrent, is that for most of the scum that perform the really bad crimes, prison is a step up from their current existence.

So make it worse.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona knew how to treat criminals in his state.

He dressed them in heavy pink overalls, fed them gruel, worked their asses off in one hundred degree sun, and basically made it a place you did not want to return to.

Sheriff Joe knew how to treat a prisoner.

Like a prisoner.

Forget about bleeding heart ACLU attorneys and their silly notions and in the spirit of glasnost let’s take one from the Siberian hard labor camps.

If you made it out alive, don’t you think you would do anything to avoid returning?

No visitors.

In Maddogg’s re-written law code, there would be no need for pesky defense lawyers.

With near-zero recidivism, we would begin closing prisons.

A lot of them.

Why do I get sucked in and click on those garish photos of our past heroes, actors, and actresses as they age?

The pictures always include one that is grotesque, all swollen, misshapen, and unidentifiable.

But there I am, trying to visualize deflating here, cutting there, and trying to make them into a sitcom star from a forgotten show.

Talk about no-talent hacks.

Lindsay Lohan.

Still just a wannabe.

She’s doing commercials now; hawking soft drinks.

So her acting level is at the same level as the one-toothed Ozark mountain man who jumps up and shouts “Ya-hoo! Mountain Dew!”

In a botched armed robbery attempt of a group of restaurant patrons, one diner pulled his own weapon and ended the life of the would-be robber.

I’m absolutely not endorsing vigilantism as a solution for anything, but I will not lie.

I smiled when I read the story.

Call it whatever you want: vigilantism, street justice, payback, Karma, it really doesn’t matter.

It still made me smile.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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