How many years and how many lives later, a dog owner is being held accountable for a murder his unrestrained dog committed on a little girl.

Dogs are not natural killers; they are taught that and I hope the owner has to suffer some horrible consequences, commensurate with the pain inflicted by his dog.

I had a German Shorthaired Pointer that I trained from a pup. I never used a leash on him. In fact, once the dog figured out how to insert his nose into the handle and open the sliding glass door of my Las Vegas condo, he pretty much came and went as he pleased.

But he was not trained to attack anything more dangerous than a steak bone.

Have you noticed an uptick of stories of ordinary people turning the tables on criminals and not bothering with making a phone call and waiting for an officer to appear?


They skip all the paperwork, policies, and bullshit.

They shoot the crooks.

I don’t mind at all.

Employers are starting to fight back, if you want to call it that, by combating the new trend of NOT going above and beyond for your paycheck. The twenty-something engineer who posted that sentiment is afflicted with that I-wanna-see-my-name-in-lights syndrome but all he did was place a bright red target on his back that says “Don’t hire me. I will NOT go above and beyond for you or your company.”

It’s fools like this that make conditions right for Socialism and Communism.

That shit just doesn’t fly with me. I mean, whatever happened to personal pride?

So some companies are hedging their bets by over-hiring and training extra help to be prepared for the lazy assholes who weren’t born with a work ethic.

I had my own “silent hiring” system when I was a chef at an extremely busy tourist trap restaurant. I would keep a list in my chef coat of names that I could call that would show up whether they had another job or not.

I never had to use it, but everyone in the kitchen had no doubt I had the list and even less doubt that I would use it if needed.

On paper, Lexie Tenhuisen has a successful swimming lesson business. Although she has only been in business a short time, she has a 90% success rate.

Normally, 90% and above is considered pretty damn good. Except that in this case, Lexie had ten students she was giving lessons to, but only nine are still alive to take the next lesson.

It wasn’t even an Olympic-sized pool. It was a back yard residential pool.

Lock her up.

A middle school (junior high) teacher apparently had it up to here with her life and decided to overdose on fentanyl right in front of her classroom. When the administrators found her, she was having to be revived.

No matter how that one turns out, it’s not gonna look very good on her resume.

If a classroom full of Junior High students don’t drive you bat-shit crazy, nothing will.

Stay safe.


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