The Hunt for Red October

A great read by Tom Clancy and so technical that I feel he explains it well enough that I could pull a five-hundred foot long nuclear attack submarine out of dock and head to open sea.

Just like in the movie, the Russians have lost a huge nuclear submarine. The headline said they lost it, but they really just decommissioned it and pulled it out of service.

Submarines are not meant to carry freight.

Or passengers.

They are used to stealthily get close enough undetected by your enemies and launch deadly missiles which will kill them. So one less of those Death Machines is a good thing.

Some shit -for-brains dumbass in Wisconsin shot at and hit two kids who were throwing snowballs at peoples’ cars.

I understand his frustration, but it was wrong.

He pleaded with judge for leniency, but will spend the next sixteen years of his life behind bars. I don’t feel one bit sorry for him. If he were to have killed any of the little knuckleheads, he’d have found his ass in jail for a lot longer.

A thirteen year old Florida kid stabs a cheerleader 114 times. It’s not that 75 or 80 isn’t enough to indicate rage.

The Domestic Despot is up to her old tricks. She says we should do a mutual suicide shooting of each other.

“I’ll go first,” she says…

As beautiful as my hair is at age 68, I can’t help but remember the meager beginnings of my mane as a lad living in Japan. My hair was like iron. It went straight up.


No wave, no curl, no part.

Mom to the rescue.

For about six months I would plaster my head with Dippity-Do! and put one of my mom’s nylon stockings over my head all night. It looked stupid, it felt stupid and I hated every second of it.

But it worked.

Valentine’s Dinner coming up next week.

Here is Le Menu:

Coquilles St. Jacques

Wild Mushrooms in Puff Pastry with Caviar Butter

Roasted Asparagus with lemon chiffonade and diced apple

Filet Mignon stuffed with shrimp and King Crab meat-topped with Sauce Bearnaise

Fruit and Cheese Assortment

Black Forest Cake on Crème Anglaise

Just a little something I will do for her; not that it will ever come close to all she has done for me.

Both of my dogs are at the age where they snore like drunken sailors as they sprawl out on their California King. Since they are brothers, it came at the same time. It’s actually pretty hilarious if you don’t want to get any sleep. The weather is very blah and I am already planning next year’s winter trip. I guess I am a snowbird now.

Here’s my playlist for my portion of Wednesday’s gig at the nursing home:

You Are On My Lonesome Mind

In My Life

Take Me Home, Country Road

Ain’t That Lonely Yet

Don’t Think Twice

Love Me

I’ll post some pics and tell you about it in Thursday’s blog.

Stay well.


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