Raise your hand.

We’re all suckers.

We complain about politicians and their actions, but we elected them. We cry about mass shootings which have become a very ho-hum matter-of-fact in this country. But we won’t change the gun laws.


Its cops vs citizens out there and its nice and all, that they are arresting and charging them, but they are still killing innocent people.

All you suckers who make the rest of us suckers look good elected George Santos.

Now we understand you feeling like a horse’s ass, but do something about it now that the whole world knows you are an idiot and a political moron.


Do it or STFU.

We were suckers when the government led by Johnson then that curly-nosed liar Nixon, told us the war in Vietnam was necessary. We were the knights on white horses (thank you Moody Blues) rescuing the world.

Talk about a load of horseshit.

We were sticking our noses where they didn’t belong and look what happened; we got our asses kicked.

That’s right.

There are some dumb-ass historians that proffer “the only war America ever lost was the Civil War.”

Vietnam didn’t get that memo.

And if you really don’t think we lost that war, well, they weren’t the ones getting their flag pulled down and burned while the remaining few from the embassy flew out on a helicopter.

Actually, all the chaos of that hasty retreat of ours hearkens to the Jan. 6th coup attempt.

Same craziness.

Same hatred.

Is Kamala Harris, by all accounts the worst communicator in the history of American politics, the very best orator we could send to represent us in the most important world summit about nothing less than a potential World War Three?

We’re in trouble.

And knock it off, Biden.

Everyone knows we’re “in the war.”

Send everything we can to Ukraine in preparation for a big spring push by that BabyHead Gerber baby look-alike Putin.

I believe if the world does a big spring push of their own, it will end the war and send Putin to his well-deserved footnote in history.

I hate saying I told you so, but the crazy bastard Kim Jong-un is playing badass again, launching another missile into the Sea of Japan. When does a missile go from being a test to a poorly-aimed threat?

Sooner or later…..

Stella Stevens passed. Rest well.

She was smoking hot in the 50’s and sixties and was still looking good in The Poseidon Adventure as Ernest Borgnine’s wife.

In an effort to revive the species, cheetahs are being flown in to India. Now all they need is to smoke a bowl of Black Afghani hash, get a few lines of awesome Peruvian blue flake cocaine, and play a little Barry White and LL’s I Need Love.


Maddogg did it again.

Our country and our inability to effectively communicate with each other is the real reason we are in such a mess.

If you are thinking of buying a dog, do yourself a favor and visit a local animal rescue center and adopt a lifelong friend. They will be forever grateful and you will go to heaven.

Stay well.


Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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