Can’t Do It


The only Queen I have known in my lifetime called her “Queen Consort” and that’s what she shall remain.


She will not succeed the King were he to expire. Charles’ progeny will continue the lineage

Oh, I’m sure I will hear it about this, but you know me.

British women, on the whole, are not beauties.

Queen Consort Camilla?


Although my very first was a young mini-skirted girl I met in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, truth be told, even she wasn’t all that pretty.

But she did have those mini-skirts…

Great body, and she was very generous with it, so I thought she was pretty beautiful.

I mean, take Kate Winslet, who has never looked better (in my opinion) than the nude scene she had in Titanic. But although she is attractive, girl looks like she has never done one push-up in her life. Those soft, undefined porcelain arms…

If you are counting, the recent mass shooting in Texas has resulted in nine dead and seven wounded. The only good news is that one of the fatalities was the shooter.

Well, on our fourth try, my new band Sedona, is complete and ready to start practicing. I figure five practices should do it. Plus now that we have our final member, I can start spending more time writing new songs.

I think my song Lunchtime Assassin, inspired by the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, has real potential. I wrote it like a Ramones-ish punk song and it is catchy as hell, in spite of the disturbing lyrics.

If anyone ever needed proof-positive that America is another member of the caste system, watch the Kentucky Derby. It’s fun to find out exactly who are the poseurs and who is phat.

I bought a new electric guitar and it sounds kickass. I am even getting to diddle around with a simple lead riff or two when we play Johhny B. Goode.

There are a LOT of cemeteries in this state.

Small, private lots to acres and acres.

Karen is fascinated by them.


I won’t be worrying too much about that; I will be cremated.

The weather is unpredictable as hell right now; sunny and beautiful one minute and cold and windy the next. Now that the trees have filled back out, and everything is green, I am chomping at the bit to go out and beat Pablo Diablo, our bass player in a round of golf.

So the biggest difference between fronting a rock and roll band at age 18, and doing the same at age 68 (69 in 7 days), is I have gone from asking the Good Lord to help me get next to that sweet little redhead in the corner to asking the Big Guy if he can just keep me awake so I can last to the end of the gig.

I’ve got a plan and if all goes well, we’ll be playing out by mid-June.

I will post a vid and some audio of next week’s practice.

Stay well.

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