The Week in Sports

England look like they are running in cement boots.

I mean, in the Premier League, it is commonplace to see Harry Kane streaking through and past defensive schemes to launch yet another shot on goal. Why is Gareth Southampton sitting Marcus Rashford?

Fresh young legs.


Where is the pure #9 lethal striker whose only responsibility is to put the ball in the sack?

Modric is an example. Cavani is an example. Love him or hate him, even Ronaldo is an example.


There, I have fixed that issue.

On we go.

Golf—I admit, I am seduced by the prodigious drives launched every so often by Bryson, but steady goes the course and it was great to see karma at its best as John Rahm won the U.S. Open after having to withdraw from a sure win a couple weeks ago.

The Olympics are gearing up, and so far, none of the protocols announced blow my dress up.

No alcohol.

Never a good sign.

The WNBA is in full swing and you will find it interesting how sports are structured in Westland, the world as it now exists if only the very first time man raised his fist in anger to a woman, she blocked his attempt at injury, and then knocked him out cold with an uppercut to the nose?

Think about that for a second.

That is the novel I am currently working on.

Getting back to the WNBA, have you actually watched a game?

These women play.


I do love seeing more fans returning to stadiums to watch matches and games, and I guess it is only natural to worry about if we are ready to return to full-capacity level of normalcy yet as we continue to extinguish Covid-19.

I sure hope so.

Speaking as a fan, a member of society, and a citizen of Planet Earth.

And for those of you who still doubt the power of sports in our world, consider this: The great Ronaldo, football legend, merely removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from his interview table, and replaced them with water. Everyone has their own take on the matter, as for me, some exec for Coke wanted the extra effect and exposure, regardless of the personal feelings of the interviewee (Ronaldo is a vocal non-drinker of unhealthy drinks).


I hope the idiot who made the decision to place the bottles in front of Ronaldo (on a global stage no less), has other options. His mistake cost the global giant a 4 billion dollar drop in the value of their stock.

I once saw someone fired for dropping a  three-dollar jar of capers.

There is zeal, ambition, and perseverance.

And then there is just plain being an asshole.

Know when enough is enough.

When to back off.

People might not exactly remark to you how they appreciate your new sense of laissez-faire, but it will be obvious when you are absent and nobody is bad-mouthing you for being a pushy dumbass.

Stay well.

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