Nice People

I am starting to sound like a broken record. I can count on two fingers the people who I cannot consider nice or otherwise on our road trip out here, as they were more disengaged than anything. But all the way out here and since arriving in Ohio, it is almost The Stepford State. SmilesContinue reading “Nice People”

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

So far, we are in a pink cloud syndrome since we moved to Ohio. My decision to move Domestic Despot Osama bin KAREN closer to her family is validated every time I see her face light up at the sight of her sister and her nieces and nephews. Every time I look outside or driveContinue reading “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”


We made it. 4 days and 2000 miles later we pulled into the Buckeye State. Hot, muggy, but shades of green all over the place. The Domestic Despot and I went out on our own today looking at homes out in the country. We found a few possibilities and the realtor will be showing usContinue reading “Ohio”