Sports Wrap-up

We can’t mention the week without The Return to Old Trafford of favorite son Cristiano Ronaldo. But since he will not play until next weekend, enough about that. Except I just saw an ad that USA picked up the game for US distribution so now I am positive that number 7 will be in the starting lineup for my Red Devils against Newcastle United.

The college football season kicked off with some old-school defense displayed and no more so than in the Georgia-Clemson game. However, I think the Tigers will really be hampered by their QB’s lack of mobility. Man, some of the hits in that game. The same with Wisconsin and Penn State.

Battles of the Bully Boys.

Alabama looks like they can just turn it on whenever they want and score at will.

God’s favorite team (Notre Dame) were lucky to escape with their scalps (insert tomahawk chop chant here) against the speed demons of Florida State.

We will have a full week of football next week: Premier League, NCAAF, NFL.

I hope there are enough pizzas to go around.

And pints.

Lots and lots of pints.

Tennis is pretty boring with all the heavyweights dropping out, so I guess I will still follow the Joker around. He seems pretty cool.

I have never been much of a race car guy, although there were a plethora of red-hot little girls in tiny cutoff shorts that did catch my attention on more than one occasion at the speed trials race at Phoenix International Raceway.

Shame on me.

Golf was rocking the weekend with a first place prize of fifteen million dollars. I must have been hidden under a rock somewhere, because I never saw the freight train that is Patrick Cantlay coming down the tracks.

Dude didn’t flinch in the face of Bryson DeChambeau sending bombs down the fairways, only trailing by a single stroke.


I guess I haven’t been following any other sports lately, but once again, I will get unrealistic expectations for my Fighting Irish until they lose at which point it will signal the End of Times.

This week is the Ohio State-Oregon game, and I really don’t know how good Oregon is, but they’d better be pretty damn good to beat OSU in the ‘Shoe.

God willing, I will be watching the games in our new house.

Baseball season keeps plugging along as they head into fall. I don’t even get interested until the Divisional Series start.

I hear that Japanese slugger Ohtani is tearing up the American League, just as I remember watching Sadaharu Oh blasting away for the Yomiuri Giants in the early 60’s.

Surfing is pretty fun to watch now with all the gadgety-cameras and the wild angles they capture. But I don’t know any of the competitors anymore.

I love the videos of the smiling bulldog as he catches a glossy 4-footer and surfs his way to shore.


Even better if he is wearing swim goggles.

Stay well.

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