Wasted Energy

How much energy do we waste in the course of a day?

I only ask because I am still hearing of people without power in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

Hundreds of thousands of people.

And how fucked up is it that people died from running their generators without ventilation?

I know I waste a lot of energy despite Karen’s best efforts. I take looong super-hot showers, sometimes twice a day. I leave the water running while I am brushing my teeth, I leave the TV on all day whether I am in the room or not. I think that comes from the days when we used to keep MTV running as background music to our lives until it became a 24/7 rap show.

I don’t recycle, but I am sure that somehow qualifies as bad on the Karenmeter.

Talk about wasted energy.


Over three bucks a gallon.

If the coalescence of the Republican party has taught us nothing, it is that a motivated group of like-minded people is dangerous; they can get things done, both good and bad.

So why don’t we like-minded individuals (car owners) get together and STOP DRIVING anywhere for a length of time? It sounds especially effective in this global pandemic. Even an old country boy like me knows that no gas means no money.

For anybody.

Stay home.


Another problem solved.

Damn this Platinum OG Kush is legit.

You know what else is a huge (never ending) source of wasted energy?

Trying to convince either political party members to stray from the Party Line.

Democrats need to understand they are in a one-and-done term and push to get as many good things done as is possible, even if it only turns out to be the Infrastructure Bill.

Republicans are busy not with doing a damn thing to help any U.S. citizens, but they are consumed with rubber-stamping any legislation as “denied” as they sharpen their swords for the next presidency and the dangers to come.

In the meantime nothing gets done.

That’s the American Way.


Another major source of wasted energy are the attempts to get people to be more accepting and inclusive. And it has to be more than the futile attempts at VNR’s posing as product commercials that show a “typical” family as a gay black woman with a transgender male/female partner and their three kids: identical twins (one Asian, one Eskimo), and one American Indian.

Typical in no way shape or form of the American Family.

Do you think making stupid-ass commercials like this are going to pronate diversity?

How fucking stupid do you think the American people are?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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