Here we go again.

The global spotlight shines brightly once again on the United States as we stumble all over ourselves and try to find a solution to our growing population.

It is not the normal 6% population increase of which I speak. We get there just by waking up in the morning.

No, it is the growing daily influx of yet another segment of the world population in the form of migrants. Our southern border has always provided a steady stream and when you add in countries scattered all over the globe, it is easy to see that is a serious amount of people.

Don’t get me started about that whole illegal immigration thing.

One word: tax-paying citizens.

Politicians talk shit on both sides: the Dems want to open our country up to the world, the Reps want to preserve what we have and take care of our own. But not a lot of people are opening up to just the mere prospect of allowing more people in.

Why not?

This is a huge country and there is surely plenty enough room, just not on our street corners and city parks.


Pay taxes.


I did it again.

Sometimes I even amaze myself.

And that brings me to another political thought in this notoriously NON-political blog.

To everyone who has taken their shots at the red, white, and blue (a number that embarrassingly includes myself), why is it that when there are disasters anywhere on this planet, it is the United States of America (it made me proud as I just typed that) that steps up and provides life-giving aid and support?

So to all you people who say that we are not the greatest country in the world, you can kiss my rock-hard buttocks.

Everyone else is better in theory, but it is the USA that is always ready to step in.

The problem (in my humble, brilliant political opinion) is that we sometimes step in when it might not be any of our fucking business doing so. It’s not like all the good deeds are commerce to trade for propagating one of caveman’s most essential needs—the need to dominate (war).

I mean think about it.

We are not actively engaged in war with anyone at this time.

That sounds spooky.

Now if you are even a little bit of a conspiracist, you can’t help but think that somewhere out in the Great Unknown, there is someone who is ranking the “hottest spots” that might be possible next sites for escalation to wars.

Keep your eye on the economy.

Where is Kamala Harris?

Did I miss something?

Talk about low-key.


There is this fly the size of a bumble bee flying around my lamp and I am fixing to end its Journey.

I am talking some outrageous BS today, but I can blame it on this Tierra Grow Flower Redberry Kush 28.77% THC and I have not seen red hairs that long and fine since my ex-Irish girlfriend Moira Coyne.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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