Starting Anew

I lay down some words which will be included in the new song I am putting together, and I am having a blast with my Oculus II except I am now officially done with the rollercoaster app. Stomach-churning. The song is called Without You and the words I have assembled in this, the embryonic processContinue reading “Starting Anew”

The Night Before Christmas

Only my very favorite night of the year. Still. The Domestic Despot has already hit the sack. She has been running all over the place this season and she is beat. I hope she sleeps well tonight. I won’t. I will be up at midnight and will probably wake her up so I can openContinue reading “The Night Before Christmas”


It is not yet arrived here in southern Ohio, but I’m thinking next month. I’m in no hurry. It can wait. The contractor has his crew working on our covered porch and I think Karen said one of the guys was talking about working on Christmas Day. I think I talked him out of it.Continue reading “Snow”

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As my man Andy Williams might sing. Or Dino jazzing up Let it Snow. Doesn’t matter. I love the sounds of Christmas except the sounds yesterday were from our chattering teeth due to our heating unit freezing up on us. They got here at 8am and finished at 3pm. Fast, efficient, and they left aContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”

Christmas Ornaments

We spent yesterday putting up our Christmas tree. No real trees in our household. Not as long as Karen, the Domestic Despot is still saving the planet one plastic “to go” container at a time. She actually washes the trash. Don’t ask. The cool thing every year is remembering each ornament and the story behindContinue reading “Christmas Ornaments”


Welcome. To Japan. We flew out of San Francisco on a Pan Am jet and that was quite the adventure for a six-year old. Despite my youth I still remember noticing the shapely legs of the stewardesses in their distinctive outfits. It was a long flight and I remember leaving at around 11am and weContinue reading “Yokoso”