The Night Before Christmas

Only my very favorite night of the year.


The Domestic Despot has already hit the sack. She has been running all over the place this season and she is beat. I hope she sleeps well tonight.

I won’t.

I will be up at midnight and will probably wake her up so I can open a present. Then she can sleep until I wake up, most likely five or six am.

As always, she got a boatload of presents, as did our two doggies Bruiser and Murphy (cute-as-hell Santa pix attached).

By seven o’clock we will have wrapping paper in every corner of the house.

I’ll make a full breakfast and we will open presents to Christmas music and maybe the yule log on the TV screen since it is not yet cold enough for a fire.

Oh well.

I asked my niece when I was up in Perrysburg if she thought I should go back to being clean-shaven with shorter hair.

She said shaggy is better, so shaggy it is.

By jinkies!

Picture attached to see what you think.

I am also going to keep this blog short so I can welcome Santa with a righteous buzz, fueled by egg nog and memories.

Stop the presses.

Going to write a timeless Christmas song with the lyrics ”egg nog and memories” in it somewhere.

I must say I am way more creative with high THC Sativa strains. Especially at Christmas. The Christmas lights seem way cooler after a couple hits, and I can consume way too many more cookies than I am allowed.

Gather your people around you and don’t forget to thank God for another Christmas celebration.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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