At what point did disagreement cease to exist without threats, ill will, and violence entering the picture?

I must have missed something.

This topic for tonight’s blog (I really like to post at 12:01 am EST for consistency’s sake) came about because I was at a Christmas party and I will estimate the total guest count to be thirty-five. I was sitting near a table of about ten people, and a man, swaggering and slurring his speech, attempted to stand up, but nearly knocked over the special four-tiered cake for the occasion.

 I backed away silently.

He managed on the third try to stand up and as the crowd went silent, he raised his glass.

“I want to raise a toast to all the idiot vaxxers who have ruined our whole country…”

Thankfully, the best man, a rather humungous young man, quickly exited the room with the drunk man under his massive bicep.

Can you believe that someone would raise a glass in the spirit of the season with such hateful bullshit?

I would never wish ill-will on some poor soul just because he was stupid enough to listen to a troll doll eraser politician. I mean why wish harm when a calculated critical-thinking symposium would do just fine? The problem in today’s world is that no one will even consider thinking for themselves. I guess it takes too much effort?

When the hell did original thought go out of style?

The Domestic Despot is like all married women, or at least ninety-seven percent of them who say that in a marriage, the woman starts all fights, and the man is always the voice of reason. I am not really sure where these particular statistics came from, but looks pretty reliable to me.

Karen just shouted something.

“Nothing, dear. Just doing my blog. Just the usual.”

She didn’t need any further details.

There is disagreement in a lot of things, but those NCAA College Football Playoff games tomorrow look great and will be decided with blood, sweat and tears.

That’s tears as in wet eyes, and not tears like ACL’s or anything like that.

I just want to see good football, and nothing would please me more than to see Cincinnati knock off Alabama. I think Michigan has a better than even chance to sit Georgia down, but Harbaugh’s offensive gameplan must carry the day.

My prediction is ‘Bama by twelve, and Georgia by a field goal.

Many locals believe in their Bearcats, but my problem getting behind them is that their most impressive win of the season was beating Notre Dame at home. And I have been watching Irish games for sixty-three years now, and our team this year just wasn’t that good.

There was one disagreement I had with the wonderful Karen today. It was a serious discourse revolving around one question that has baffled myself and countless other husbands (victims).

The question is:

Exactly how many fucking pillows do you need on a couch? Does every square inch of fabric have to be covered with a pillow, afghan, quilt or doily of some kind? Who the hell still uses doilies?

So I have to move my things over to the kitchen table to finish this blog.

There’s no room on the couch.

Here’s another wake and bake jam session:

jam #5

Stay well.

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