You Cannot Be Serious!

To quote my favorite spoiled white brat tennis player John McEnroe,it is exactly how I feel when I hear about other stupid things said out loud.

Whoopi Goldberg, shut up. I have always loved you as an actress, but denying that the Holocaust was about race is not something you want to say and still expect to maintain your self-respect. It is ignorant, and you do not strike me as an ignorant person.

You only got the Golden Globe for your role in The Color Purple, but you should have won the Oscar for that amazing performance. I still cry every time I watch that movie.

The Brits have their boy Boris being castigated for throwing parties at 10 Downing Street whilst all other British citizens were under strict Covid protocols.

Boris didn’t care.

I have this vision of him wearing sunglasses, leggings, and a torn sweatshirt with other Members of Parliament while singing Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

So Florida is now off my list of destinations I will not return to. Don’t get me wrong. I have had great times in that state over the years and it is truly one of the beautiful places on our planet, but I have trouble with Little Caesar, the ersatz Governor Ron Desantis. He has his head so far up the ex-president’s ass, that every time Trump farts, Ronny D. needs a breath mint.  

I just had an absolutely hysterical thought.

What if?

What if the governor was throwing his lot in with Trump believing he will be a guaranteed winner in the next presidential election? And just what if he doesn’t run or (gasp!) win? The ultimate irony would be that DeSantis has sold his soul and his entire belief structure to better his chances at what else?

The Presidency.

Power-mad asshole.

It would serve him right.

And the abortion thing.

The women of the world need to organize like they did in In Like Flint, another awesome movie from the sixties starring James Coburn. I’m not even a woman (last time I checked), and I am offended with men making rules about my reproductive process.

It looks like Portugal just saw a shift to Socialism in their recent elections. I heard this is what the Republicans fear from Democrats here in America.

Here’s an idea.

Dissolve both parties.

Start over.

Because if you think our current system is working, I’ll take mine rare.



You desecrate your own country’s flag with Nazi swastikas? Who do you think you are?


You’re better than that.

Now they’ve done it.

I was OK when the Queen censured her own son, I was good when he was stripped of all his royal titles, and I was even good when he was cut off from all the other goodies and entitlements of royalty.

But that old bird has gone too far.

She has pulled Harry’s membership at Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

Now that’s cold.

Stay well.

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