Art Imitates Life

They finally did it.

It feels like years since the Law and Order episode that showed the gun makers get sued.

Except they won.

They always won.

They enjoyed the same kind of horseshit immunity from prosecution that cigarette makers did.

Zoom forward to 2022.

To recount the mass shootings in the world is to continue to build the list of reasons for gun control in this berserk country of ours. The decision rendered in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut is only for a mere seventy-three million dollars. A pittance compared to the fifty-five billion dollars the top six tobacco companies make annually.

So add school and mass shootings to the list of payouts. The companies that are big enough merely add another line to their Profit and Loss Statement to account for their losses. Like some large restaurants will budget for theft (employees and customers). Maybe there is a universal percentage of evil men do that is part of GAAP.

Except their losses cost lives.

The United States’ gun sales are approaching thirty billion dollars.

It makes you wonder how countries like England do it.

No guns?

Maybe less guns, but come on.

Maybe they are just more civilized.

Consider that.

How about the Chinese embracing the Netflix and Chill American culture? There is actually a labor shortage in a land with 1.4 billion people!

It kinda reminds me of the sixties when people “turned on and tuned out.” It was the same exact “why work to the exclusion of all else? mentality that has been given the old heave-ho.

Outta here.

There are people in China that firmly believe that employees need to use the “996” formula for success.

Work from 9am to 9pm six days a week.

They believe people need to work hard and forget about time off.

They are called employers.

Admit it.

You never once thought of King Henry VIII settling a sex abuse case with any one of his myriad of partners?

Take a bow Andy.

No NCAA or NFL games until August, and I am already stoked as I  am every year. It seems to the casual observer that in the NBA, the West representative will be either Golden State or the Phoenix Suns. I think the only way Lebron gets to the playoffs is to buy a ticket or watch it on TV like the rest of us.

Out of the East, is there anyone that will legitimately challenge Joel Embid and the Philadelphia 76’ers?  

I’m not buying the chaos that are the New Jersey Nets.

#7 finally put one past the goalie.

United 1 Brighton Hove Albion 0.

I finally set my amp and PA to practice with.

I’ll put one down tomorrow.

Stay well.

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