For a myriad of reasons I only ever had to pay rent for a few months out of my life. Even when I had a bachelor pad, I rarely spent any time there.

I hear of people struggling to pay off someone else’s mortgage every month. I am not saying I don’t feel sorry for renters; I do.

But this fucked up economy and out-of-control inflation wasn’t the lessor’s fault.

More sands through the hourglass, more shootings. The list of places irreparably shamed by mass shooting deaths sounds like a Johnny Cash trucker song.

I can’t watch either news channel without feeling like a mother of two twin boys telling them to just stop.

What the fuck is the big deal?

If you don’t want to take a shot, don’t.

I could give two shits if you contract a virus.

More for the rest of us.

But don’t try such a flimsy disguise for the core issues of racism and frustration.

It doesn’t work.

Speaking of renting, the recent drop of mortgage rates are now inching back up.

The party is over.

In another year, there will be a glut of realtors who hopped on the tail end of the comet and will have to return to real, less speculative travail just to keep up with life’s daily demands.

What effects will the recent police embarrassment in Uvalde, Texas have on the future of training officers in mass shooting situations?

Do we just shy away from the core issue that those chickenshits hiding in the hallway should never have raised their hands and swore an oath to “Protect and Serve.”

If that is protection, I’ll take mine rare, thank you very much.

Either arrest everybody who breached the doors of our nation’s capital, or shut the fuck up and turn the page.

Talk about a lame duck loving evry minute of it.

My girl Liz Cheney.

Now I heard where Trump is dangling the “notion” of running for the presidency again in 2024.

Best-kept secret since Geraldo.

Their field is so weak, who else do they have that can think for themselves?

And talk about weak fields, the Democrats.

My dog Bruiser has more of a chance of winning the presidency than Joe Biden has of a second term.

Trump will win.

Nothing changes.

Oh, maybe a few more wars and political gaffes, you know, the usual things associated with an egomaniacal douchebag running what once was the greatest country on Earth.

I hear of this mythical forgiveness of debt to many college students and graduates, but I see nothing more than the lip service that slides by.

We are going to a Cheeseburgers and Cold Beer Festival this weekend and I might get the opportunity to play a few tunes. Perfect for a festival, who doesn’t like cheeseburgers and cold beer?

It should be fun in front of a nice big crowd, I hope.

I am stepping it up in trying to write a new song; the melody is close to completion. It will be the first song I have written in thirty years.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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