I was practicing my playlist for my upcoming gig(s) and I thought I haven’t publicly thanked anyone in a while.

To the healthcare professionals who continue to fight disease and keep us safe, gracias.

To the politicians who know right from wrong and follow through in their actions with that in mind, merci beaucoup.

To the parents teaching their kids the right way of doing things, not just your way, danke.

To police officers who took an oath to protect and safeguard every man, woman, or child, to actually uphold the oath, toda.

To the Supreme Court, our highest Law of the Land, for making your decisions based of first-hand knowledge of what it is to be a woman on this planet, efharisto.

I don’t count Trump puppet Amy Coney Barrett as a female vote, more of a political repayment as she looks to the future.

To the many humanitarians that continue to aid Ukraine as it continues to wage war with BabyHead Putin and the bungling Russian Army. Not since the Police Academy movies has there been such a gathering of idiots and dumbasses.

But our politically-savvy population turns from the suffering and death and watches a movie star (I have been called the Mexican Johnny Depp) and his no-talent hack of a spouse sling mud on national TV.

How edifying.

For the truckers who continue to bring us our goods in an ever-fluctuating and unpredictable future, dankie.

To the voices of reason no matter where they congregate, be it in a musty British courtroom, or a makeshift chapel on a frozen slope in Nepal, shukran.

To manufacturers who don’t rip us off by giving us products like Coast soap and making it smaller and charge us more money, do jeh.

To people who don’t feel like they have to be in your face and business if your particular attitude conflicts with their own, kiitos.

Don’t get me started.

At the risk of sounding crazy (again), I have lost more brain cells to drugs, alcohol, and other peoples’ girlfriends, than most people have in their heads right this second as I type this.

No brag, just fact.

So, for the people who are not assholes like me who just wrote that last paragraph, xie xie.

To my friend Mike who helped me out at my open mic by grabbing the falling mic mid-song and saving what was left of my voice, dekuji.

To tourists who don’t go invading undesignated trails and forests, putting wild animals in uncomfortable situations, tak.

You are not there to make animal friends.

Enjoy God’s creation and respect it for the Provider of Life that it is.

Look at it this way.

You are in (insert city here) and you are in your house with your family. Now, this will not denigrate into a gun rights blog, but let’s just say you have the ability to protect you and yours. Some crazy asshole, wearing goofy-looking mismatched outdoor gear, or some too-cool-for-school ensemble, decides to jump your fence and walks up and starts banging on your door, waving a gun. Oh, it could be a camera or wallet, or phone, or whatever, but the very bottom line, the final distillate, is you are somewhere you shouldn’t be and YOU have increased the percentage you will die merely by your presence.

Does that clear it up for you?

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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