Playing the Lottery

The Mega Millions lottery payout is now at 1 billion dollars.

Those are my kind of numbers, so I might buy a couple tickets for the next drawing. The prospect of getting so much money brings out the best of my altruistic side. 

Since we are dreaming, I can say what I would do with the money.

Firstly, I would start a self-sustaining fund which would insure that every single one of my relatives will have access to higher education.

I would build and staff an animal hospital and research center.

I would build and staff several women’s shelters, as I am, and always have been, a big proponent of women. Monies would be spent to keep women the sole controllers of their bodies and minds.

I would donate big to get legislation to come down hard on puppy mills and the ruthless idiots who turn loving animals into cash cows. It breaks my heart to see some of the images of cruelty and heartlessness of some individuals trying to pass themselves off as human beings. You definitely don’t want to be cruel to any animal as long as I have access to a billion-dollar cache.

You’re going down.

I would donate large to various local food banks.

I would NOT donate to larger organizations where my donated dollars would end up paying for ads and other administrative costs and not directly putting food on the table for families in need. Like the huge envelopes that we receive with free shirts, hats, and other merch that is paid for by your donations. Asking for more money.

No thank you.

I know if I walk up to a mother of five, struggling to fill her grocery basket, there is immediate satisfaction in picking up her tab.

In that case, I will end up being that guy that picks up the tab for families’ groceries in different stores across the country. To people that are already doing that, you are going to heaven.

I wouldn’t pay for cigarettes or alcohol.

I would set up a system to pay individual doctors and scientists for cures. No money for pills to address symptoms, cures only.

No money for Big Pharma.

Don’t get me started on Big Pharma.

I would use millions to help new businesses and entrepreneurs do their thing.

There are a few places I have left to see on this planet, and I would definitely knock them out of the way.

I would make sure (in as much as I could) to help pay for prosecution of criminals of any color who perpetrate white-collar crimes.

I would pay to bring back the death penalty for certain crimes.

Also, I would give millions to different police departments across the country to help solve cold cases. Just the idea of catching some asshole who thought they got away with something. I don’t give a shit if they have lived a full life, enjoying all the benefits of doing so. If they only spend one hour in prison before they die, good.

They died where they belonged.

No one will stop by their grave, except a stray mangy mutt who will pause to piss on the casket before it is lowered.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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