Goodbye and Farewell

The closer I get to my own denouement, the more people that pass into the Next Sphere that have affected my life.

I was a Leave it to Beaver guy.

Wally (Tony Dow) was the prototypical big brother from the fifties. I suppose he reminded me of my own big brother.

Eddie Haskell was money.

Who can forget Paulie from Goodfellas?

Paul Sorvino rest in peace. Throw in Ray Liotta and Tony Sirico and almost half the cast of Goodfellas have reached their expiration date.

Speaking of mobsters, none better than Sonny Corleone, James Caan.

Sleep well.

As a military dependent, it seemed like we were always saying goodbye to our friends whenever we would be sent PCS (permanent change of station), it meant another country, another base, another school, another girlfriend.

By the time I left Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, I had enough.

I guess moving around so often is what makes me say that I admire the guy that can put his arm around his bro and say, “See this SOB? I have known him since kindergarten.”

I really can’t think of any friends that I have made and lasted more than three to five years.

The having-many-girlfriends thing was pretty cool, but is a bit ironic actually, because I prefer one steady girl rather than switching all over the place.

It looks like an impending goodbye to Cristiano Ronaldo from my beloved Manchester United Red Devils football club. If new manager Ten Hag had any holistic vision, he would keep the world’s greatest goal scorer at least for a final season to bring along Rashford and Sancho.

But it wouldn’t be fair to him.

He needs to play on the world’s greates stages.

I’m already done with baseball and I am stoked for the start of the Premier League season starting in just under two weeks. I am going to watch the telly for a bit after I post this blog.

The open mic went well tonight at the Lucky Star Brewery.

It took a while for some people to show up, but the music quality was high as always.

Don’t get me started about college football yet.

We said goodbye and farewell to some musicians that moved us and shaped our journeys.

Ronnie Spector, Meat Loaf, Mickey Gilley (who crushed it during the eighties and the whole Urban Cowboy phenomenon), and Bobby Rydell, who certainly had his time in the fifties, all reached their end.

You know what else we have said goodbye and farewell to?



Willingness to negotiate.

Good customer service.

Feeling safe.

These things are not going to get fixed anytime soon.

By Trump, or any other Republican or Democrat.

We have lost the synergy of working together to benefit the American people. The Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans.

Neither party wants to flinch.

Every single one of those politicians can kiss my ass.

Until we change those with the power of making decisions for us, nothing changes.

Now, or ever.

Besides we’re too damn busy storming the castle and basically making us look like a bunch of douchebags to everyone else on planet Earth.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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