Staying Put

I make no apologies for the way I am wired. You must take your complaints to a much higher level than myself. In the height of my career in restaurant management, I was flattered to receive several offers from other restaurants and I took five flights for interviews. The first was in Charlotte, North Carolina.Continue reading “Staying Put”

Did Hell Freeze Over?

I know I have been a little groggy with medications, but what did I miss? Ronaldo was benched. Messi was traded. Now I am not an expert, but you know that silly little thing won’t stop me from chiming in. In a year when trade rumors and gossip are filled with the biggest names inContinue reading “Did Hell Freeze Over?”

Ooh La La!

This is a repost of this blog from 5/17/21. I was going through my “stats” and evidently my mad computer skillz have once-again hindered my efforts. I will be reposting the others as needed. As a songwriter and an author, I have occasion to cross over. I love listening to, and playing the “story” songsContinue reading “Ooh La La!”

Peer Pressure

I’ll start off today’s blog with a reading from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! Today, I include the preface and two short stories. The first story is Winter Trip and reflects the emotion querulous, and the second story, well I have absolutely no earthly idea how it made it into my book. IContinue reading “Peer Pressure”


I don’t get it, never have for that matter. Why smoke tobacco? I totally understand smoking marijuana; it has medicinal properties that I can personally attest to, with no resultant deaths. I understand it is very addicting. It definitely contributed to my own mother’s early death. That point was driven home when one of myContinue reading “Tobacco”