On and Off Again

It is raining on and off again in southern Ohio, which is why it stays so green here. August 28 is the traditional end of the summer, and here it is rigidly adhered to.

Like the space vehicle that sits idle on the launching pad.

I read where a majority of Democrats do not want to see Joltin’ Joe Biden run for president in 2024.

That poor old dude; his presidency was doomed from the outset and he was dealt a stacked deck that he could not play his way out of.

He’ll be what 94 when he runs?

No shit, no one wants to see him run in 2024.

Even him.

But who else is ready to step up to the plate and lead this country back from the pandemic and inflation?

Serously, who?

If you say Kamala Harris, I will bop you on the head.

I know you’re fucking with me if you say Donald Trump.

Nazi Di Santis?

I’d vote for Liz Chehey before any of the above-named muppets.

We have got to stop making decisions on the color of our politics and not deciding things with the good sense that God gave us.

It’s on and off with me possibly not having to go to Karen’s niece’s wedding on Saturday night.

During the Notre Dame-Ohio State football season opener. As much as I am apathetic about weddings, I know she’ll be disappointed so I might be relegated to watching a replay of the game.

There is only one pair of shoes that I have that I can wear to the event without looking like a nitwit, so if she can’t find the box with the shoes, I will be sitting in the comfort of my den watching the game.

With my luck, I better start looking at cumberbunds.

I am thinking of learning another Elton John song Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.

The band I auditioned for got back with me and evidently it is still a go. They ended up parting ways with their drummer and lead singer, so this is a re-shuffle of the deck if you will, and these guys can cook.

I’ll keep you posted.

People are on and off of the war in Ukraine. A few months ago, it was the only story on every single news channel.


You hear of yet another inept attempt by the U.S. at avoiding conflict and throwing a few alms to mothers as bombs kill their dreams as their children lay bleeding and dying in the crumbling, pockmarked streets from Russian missiles.

Another shooting at a Safeway.

So add grocery stores to the list of unsafe places we have to beware of if we want to continue living:



Post offices.






Stay well.

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