Deterrent or Not?

You want to stop crime?

 Stiffer deterrents.

There are only two things that people understand.

Time and death.

So murderers will end up as compost and criminals will end up in work camps.

You don’t need an infrastructure plan, Jojo.

I’ve got all the free labor you want. Empty the prisons; every last one of them. Put the rich skaters in the minimum security country clubs right along with the petty punks and thieves. Line the assholes up and make every potholed road in this country look like a scene from Cool Hand Luke.

Criminals now don’t see any real downside about going to prisons. For much of that filth, they take a step up from their miserable existence with three hots and a cot. How about making prison the very worst place imaginable? Bring in psychologists to discover the base fear of each and every loser in the prison and then make it happen.

If one of the miscreants has a deathly fear of snakes, guess what?


I did it again.

Quit wasting our time and money on lawbreakers.

Increase the penalties for environmental crimes. Any funny TikTok videos of dumbasses knocking over statues, natural landmarks, works of art, and other wanton destructive acts would be treated seriously.

20 years should take the wind out of their sails.

No appeals.

Not laughing anymore.

Another of my moves would be to eliminate the entire concept of bail or early release so when your sentence is twenty years, you will know not to even ask. Besides, with my work camp plan, we can convert the prisons to factories and get back to what’s needed most…increase the GDP.

As a former fat person, and a world traveler, I think there are enough planes in the world where there can be an oversized person airline.

Yes, the prices would be higher, but the seats would be able to accommodate your fat ass without spilling your pork all over the other passengers.

No food service on this one.

The musician in me would like to see there be some bars and clubs where smoking is allowed.

I know.


Here’s why: although I hate cigarette smoke more than any smell except maybe vomit, I played for probably four decades in bars and clubs where there was a cloud of smoke hovering over the room.

But, there were a lot more people inside listening to the players.

Now, you can have twenty cars parked outside your bar, but there might be three or four of the occupants inside listening to the music. All the rest of the people are outside on the patio, smoking.

Smoking is a dying animal, as we grow older (wiser?) and it finally starts to soak in that we are only here in this sphere of existence for a finite time. And as far as I know, no one gets out alive, and no one comes back.


No such thing as a pre-nuptial agreement.

Don’t want to be married?


I mandate that you only get one in this lifetime, so you had better be sure. I am strongly against idiots that marry multiple times. They are making a mockery of the institution. (No, Karen did not make me say that).

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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