The Face of Pain

So I am up enjoying my morning coffee, when I turn on the telly to see Margaret Brennan interviewing The Man…Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

My gut reaction?

What a fantastic forest green dress Brennan is wearing.

Then, as I watched the man describing what is happening in his country, and how, with the U.S. leading the way, his motivated troops defending it, are rebuking Russian efforts with the support from the west.

As he described the wholesale extermination of his people, further undeniably evidenced by the mass graves that are being uncovered and revealed to the rest of the world, you could see the pain on his face.

An unrelenting pain as Ukraine is pulling off the biggest upset since Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson (that one cost me a few bucks).

Everyone is worrying about that idiot BabyHead Putin and if he will use nuclear weapons.

He won’t.

He’s too stupid.

We can’t stop now.

It would be one thing if Ukraine were getting its ass beat up and their country was totally overrun with unmotivated Russian murderers, but I said it long ago.

They could win this thing.

Another face of pain can be found on the women in Iran, protesting in a place where the punishment for merely not covering your hair enough is final and certain.

Good for you ladies.

I was telling the Domestic Despot that what it is going to take for women all over the globe to take back autonomy over their bodies, to level the playing field in the boardroom, and to take their rightful place as the EQUALS to men, is for some super-bitch somewhere who can talk shit and mobilize half the people on this planet.

When, not if, that happens, misogynists everywhere will start their perpetual nightmare.

I love women.

Always have.

I’ve been fighting them off since I was four years old, but truth be told, I never fought very hard.

This super-bitch would not speak from weakness, but as deserving of the same rights and protections as any citizen of the United States which is what should have happened from Day One in this country.

I’m all fired up about this subject so I am going to have to write another thousand words today for my upcoming novel If Only…

In it, I paint a picture of what America would look like today, If Only the very first time a caveman raised his fist to strike his female partner, she blocked his attempt at injury, and knocked him the fuck out?

Check out the Prologue:

The Earth was still an embryo.

Ah awoke in the morning mist which had begun to creep into the cave. She looked at her little one, still asleep and dreaming in the warmth of his nest of animal skins and furs. The fire had gone out well before morning light.

She smiled.

Satisfied her baby was safe, as only a mother knows, Ah rubbed her eyes vigorously and peered out of the cave entrance. Unable to see more than two feet in front of her, she stumbled on either a rock or a slow-moving animal of some kind. She made her way down the narrow path to the pool of clear water, growing larger daily from the waterfall feeding it from above the mist.

The Earth was alive.

All along the rocky path, the ground whispered with multi-colored vapors and smoke. It belched pools of life-producing waters. Cracks and fissures steamed and hissed at her. An emission of hot steam licked at her ankles, and she yipped and hopped as it burnt her. The sounds of life assaulted her ears from every direction: the slithering of snakes through the reeds, the clicking and buzzing of small swarms of insects, and many different sounds from above and beyond, indicating other forms of life.

Ah surveyed the patch of brown soil that Oh had decided was the best and only spot to plant crops.

She wanted to plant further up the path, at the base of a large field of grass. The soil there was dark and rich. 

Oh had returned and was holding his son when Ah approached.

Oh was huge. His muscles bulged from everywhere. He was covered in sweat.

Ah could tell by his face that Oh was furious with her. He placed the infant gently on top of the fur skins and turned to Ah.

His eyes filled with malicious intent and hers with confusion which she had never before experienced.

Oh crossed the floor of the cave, shouted something unintelligible, and raised his right fist high in the air over Ah’s head.

Ah stood calm and unfazed.

As Oh’s powerful fist descended, Ah deftly used her left forearm to block his attempt at injury. As she deflected his blow, she instinctively used her right fist to hit upward at her attacking mate. Her fist struck O directly on his nose. As he fell to the floor of the cave in a thud, Ah tried vainly to catch the huge man so he would not hurt himself falling.

Oh lay semi-conscious on the floor, tears streaming down his dirty face. The blood was still gushing out of both nostrils. He turned his broken nose to see his son, propped up on his fat little arms. He was staring at his father with wide-open eyes and a great big smile on his little round face.

My prayers are not only with the ladies of Iran, but all women as they seek equality  in this world.

Do you know the difference between men and women?

If the roles were reversed and men were not the dominant gender on Earth, they would NOT seek equality.

Not by a long shot.

No, men would seek dominance, not equality.

So God, if you are listening, and I know you always are, it’s gonna all start with you changing our wiring when you bring us into this world.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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