What is a Man?

You are not a man just because you have a penis.

Let’s start with the biological, which you can’t do anymore due to the advent of sexual surgery. Besides, the Keeper of the Penis may not identify it as a penis. I will stop here before I either crack up or throw up.

Don’t anyone try saying that Thomas James and Rich Fiero aren’t heroes. They were heroes before they ever walked through the doors of Club Q in Colorado Springs.

They are members of our military forces and I would trade the entire Uvalde Keystone Cops Department for those two.

Mad love gentlemen.

When I was a manager for a Tony Roma’s rib restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, one of my employees was gay and very outwardly proud about it, bless his heart. He did not care in the least how his appearance or demeanor affected anyone to the point of oblivion.

He’d be dead today.

You are not a man just because you are able to generate children; a cockroach makes you look impotent there, big guy.

You are not a man, or more of a man, if you grow bigger and get big muscles.

You’re just bigger and have more muscles.

Our brains and how we use them determines our respective courses of action.

A man teaches his children peace, love, and happiness. (I don’t give a shit if it sounds like a tired old hippie saying, it was true then, is true today, and will be true forever.

A man isn’t afraid to teach kindness and tolerance.

A man honors his obligations in EVERYTHING, but most importantly his family.

A man isn’t afraid to laugh in front of anyone.

A man isn’t afraid to cry in front of anyone.

A man wants his children to succeed more than they did.

A man will know that if there ever comes a time when he needs help, he will ask for it.

The man with the bigger bank account is not necessarily the bigger man; try the man with the bigger heart every time.

A man loves animals. All animals.

A man recognizes value in everything and everyone.

A man hurts when any child is hurt, neglected, or worse.

A man is not fearless; he has learned how to succeed in spite of his fears.

A man is loyal.

To his wife, children, country, and self.

A man forfeits that right when he kills.

A man can commit a crime, but won’t be a little bitch about it when they get bent over a cot and receive jailhouse justice from several of his new closest friends.

Think about Volodymir Zelensky, the Ukrainian president and his rearranged order from when he was a TV comic to kicking BabyHead Putin’s ass all over eastern Europe.

If it was an American war machine, it would be an Edsel.

Think of the unimaginable imposed necessity of placing his country and its citizens before his own family and self.

Oh yeah.

He’s a man.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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