I Hate to Say It, but…

Did I not say it was going to be a rough go of it travelling this holiday season?

I actually feel bad for being so right.

All you see on the news is the pariah they are making out of Southwest Airlines for their volatile cancellation fiasco that saw 90% of ALL US flight cancellations be attributed to them.

The CEO, Robert Jordan, said “he was sorry.”

That should do it.

The thing is, the old software and IT platforms that SWA uses work far better and are more accurate and safe when the weather is not extreme, such as this recent precursor to a New Ice Age if you listen to Dennis Quaid in Day After Tomorrow.

Brilliant marketing and operational efficiency are what allowed Southwest Airlines the opportunity to crack the airline oligarchy in the first place and I am confident this, too, will pass.

In a precursor to the inactive, frightened, internally-conflicted Supreme Court decisions for the next twenty years, they voted to not collect the stones in their underwear to actually address an issue and make a decision.

Oh, hell no.

That is way too easy and actually might lead to action of some sort.

They voted to not do anything to allow a state to further conflagrate the suddenly-controversial law in the already-bastardized judicial system we currently have in place in this country under siege of ours.

The death toll in Buffalo, New York, includes a 22-year old woman who made a final video before dying in the fatal snowstorm that also claimed twenty-seven other souls.

I won’t watch the video.

For the same reason I don’t listen to recordings of people to their loved ones from 911 or any other recorded Final Message meant for loved ones.


Not that I would be able to tell Karen any words that I haven’t already as I continue to profess my love for her in this torrid thirty-seven year love affair.

The whole new NIL rules regarding athletes’ names, images, and likenesses to bear financial fruit, has further stratified the college football world. High school kids are signing lucrative endorsement deals before taking a single snap of college football.

It’s as simple as following where the very best football recruits are being signed. Alabama is excluded, because their dynasty was built over time, despite the new sportswriters claims that “Georgia is the New Alabama.”

I was glad to see the return of Premier League play, and I do not want to go getting my hope up and my expectations unrealistic, but my Reds looked good today.

I know, I know.

It was only Nottingham Forest, but don’t get me started about losing matches we should have won…

After six weeks of untold hours of overtime, following up on countless leads, interviewing numerous suspects, and processing all medical, scientific, and forensic data, the Moscow Police Department has said that “someone has info” on slayings of University of Idaho students.

Six weeks.

No, not that Moscow.

Stay well.


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