One More Reason..

I don’t live in Alaska—I do not want to die of a polar bear attack.

Unfortunately, a mother and her one-year old baby had to pay the price for man’s encroachment on polar bears, eliminating fruitful lands and driving the bears to find food wherever they can find it.

They found this particular bear and shot it and it probably died in what was once the front room of his polar bear house.

What would you do if a stranger was roaming through your front room?


You would shoot them.

If only bears had guns…

Kites are big in India.


They have kite tournaments and festivals and some of the duels between kites are legendary, and deadly?…

Kids had their throats sliced open from kite strings involved in one of the dangerous aforementioned duels. There were three kite-related deaths in three different cities.

Can’t imagine.

I needed a good laugh today, and who else but that parody of an angry housewife Marjorie Taylor Greene to provide it? Every time that buffoon opens her mouth, any individual with a brain has to cringe in anticipation of what she says next.

And more comedy to come…

Just don’t look for any along our nation’s borders anytime soon now that MTG has been appointed to the Homeland Security Committee, a place where she really gets a chance to show her inclusivity and embrace of all cultures and countries.


And I did say cultures with an “s.”

Once she completely cuts off Mexico, her small mind will eventually make its way north to our Canadian neighbors.

Microsoft is laying off 10,000 workers? What happened to the nobody-wants-to-work-anymore thing? It is no secret my struggle with the laissez-faire attitude of many workers who, for some inexplicable reason, believe the world owes them a living. Or, for some even more ridiculous reason, they believe their parents are alright with them supporting them through middle-age.

There is one thing that will eventually cure you of this attitude.

Lack of.

Lack of money.

Lack of dates.

Lack of sex.

Lack of ambition.

Lack of self-respect or any shred of human dignity.

Oh no.

Kamala Harris is going to give a Roe v Wade speech?

She’s another one that is comical and unpredictable, definitely not a public speaker.

I will only say that hubris caught up with Erik Ten Hag yesterday in south London as the Reds, fresh off a beating of rivals Man City, could not hold off Wilfred Zaha and the Crystal Palace Eagles, settling for a single point ahead of Sunday’s clash with first-place Arsenal.

As the Reds were winding down the clock, the beleaguered manager was seen with a smug smile on his face, figuring the team had done enough to secure the win and the three points that would cut the Gunners’ lead in half.

Not so fast, my friend.

With the weather still looking to hit hard again, let’s hope we are better prepared to survive the next round.

Stay warm.

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