Did I Hear That Right?

The Memphis Police Department, embroiled in the murder of one of its citizens they took an oath to serve and protect, has decided they will simply stop racial profiling.


Who knew it would be that easy?

Saying they will stop racial profiling is the same as making a recipe for a cake that requires you mix the ingredients, bake the cake, and let it rest for…….fifty years.

You don’t just stop racial profiling; you eliminate it.

Here’s a sobering thought. It will take as long as it did to plant the seed (slavery) as it will to eliminate it.


So lame-ass lame duck McCarthy is going to meet with Jojo to discuss spending and debt with the focus on ensuring the United States of America does not default on  its national debt.

Like anyone on the planet takes McCarthy as legitimate.

It happens roughly every four to eight years when one political party threatens default in an attempt to disparage their opposition.

So fucking quit talking trash and do it already.


Just don’t pay.

Americans file bankruptcy on a moment’s whim so stop all the bullshit and just don’t pay.

I have no doubts that we are owed much more than we owe.

So start over.

Blank slate for everyone.

What, someone’s gonna go to war against us?

Not bloody likely.

Dating apps.

Quit using them.

Get your ass up and go out and meet new people. Get to know them. Build a relationship.

Then start dating.

Or, you can use dating apps.

It’s the genie in a bottle, the magic elixir; it will make everything alright and you will meet a soulmate and live happily ever after.

Or, you can find yourself on a table being beaten and tortured for days on end by a maniac….if you’re lucky.

And what is it with crazy women who aid and abet these monsters? Are they still pissed off at the world because they were always the very last one to be asked to dance? All it takes is for someone, ANYONE to smile at them or pay them even the slightest bit of positivity, and they are on board.

Get your face out of your phone.

Look up.

Say “hi.”

Didn’t that feel good?

There are all kinds of metrics involved with computing statistics for the National Football League.

Percentages, yards-after-catch, the list goes on and on.

But there is a statistic that is just a little tougher to calculate. It has nothing at all to do with passes, tackles, or anything else.

Because Maddogg’s precise calculations explain the biggest reason the Kansas City Chiefs, with an injured quarterback, were able to overcome injuries and a recent track record of losing to the Cincinnati Bengals, and win another American Football Conference championship.

The Bengals simply talked too much trash about their impending clash, and in the process sullied the sanctity of one of the NFL’s sacred grounds, Arrowhead Stadium. There was even the air of transition from Patrick Mahomes to the “new” star Joe “Cool” Burrows. That pissed Patrick Mahomes off, and he showed that he’s not ready just yet, to surrender the mantle or pass the torch.

Now he’s got to go do it again in two weeks against Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Stay well.


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