Not too hard to believe, actually.

The Louisville Police Department is racist.

I’m not saying it, THEY are.

What is hard to believe is that it took this long to admit to.

I wonder what gave it away?

I have seen people of color criminalized by the people sworn to protect the city of Louisville.

By people of color.

What the fuck is that all about?

Some sick sense of self-loathing?

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is calling out Jojo because we are posturing like some put-upon giant and demanding that Mexico change their own internal policing policies because we’re the big bad United States of America and what we say goes (or at least that’s what our disillusioned politicians posit).

Shite, pure and simple.

I’m referring to the idiots who ignored State Department warnings NOT to enter six Mexican states which were considered “dangerous” to travel to. I am sorry they had to learn that harsh lesson, but this was 100% preventable.

So now we huff and puff and we don’t need to wonder what El Presidente Obrador was mumbling under his breath at a recent parade inspection. His remarks were, for the most part out of earshot, but let me translate for you.

He was saying Fuck you Biden, take care of your own country’s drug problems before you tell us about how to deal with the drug cartels!

He’s right.


It used to be that there was a peaceful coexistence between the drug cartels and the Mexican government. The drug cartels kept their murderous mitts off the tourism and hospitality industries, and in return, the police kept their murderous mitts off the drug cartels. When suicidal judges and lawyers tried going after the cartels in the legal arena, they met with a very predictable denouement.

The streets ran red.

But now, although some great times have been enjoyed in Mexican resorts, never again.

Is it just me or does anybody else see the growing chasm in the Republican party? I mean those dumbasses can’t agree on anything. If they don’t pull it together, they will lose to that old buzzard Jojo again. Please tell me he will pick another Vice President…

Trump loves it.

He embraces chaos and stupidity, but even his own house is in discord with daughter turning on brother and father.

Do you think Trump gives a shit?

He could care less about something as timeless as democracy, so what chance does a free-thinking, open-minded person have?

He could care less if it is his daughter or anyone else.

If they oppose him or anything he says (or thinks), he has no use for them.

England’s Home Secretary has had ENOUGH of illegal immigration and is not allowing migrants to live and enter England. Instead, they will be held for up to four weeks before being returned home, or to another country to seek asylum. They mentioned sending them to Rwanda, so you can tell how much they like it to begin with.

Stay well.


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