Letting Go

I don’t care what anybody says, the door was big enough for Rose to balance herself and let Jack get on, saving his life, but ruining a great movie, n’est-ce pas?

What happened to “I won’t let go Jack?”

Letting go can reference acceptance of a loss or just letting it all hang out.

How about letting go (read release) of old prejudices? Everyone needs to do that. Human beings have an immense capacity to learn, and we also have the ability to relearn thoughts and concepts. This allows us to use critical thinking to arrive at a new level of civilization.

How else can we make such an enormous impact on this planet?

How about wearing a pleasant expression on your face? You will be amazed at how contagious it is. Look at the poor souls that have subjugated their personal pride to lower themselves to beg for assistance. I mean look into their eyes. Just for a brief acknowledgement of their existence, albeit a paltry one. Most will look away, and they miss the despair worn on such tired and defeated faces.

I don’t give money to every person I see with a sign and a handout, but I do talk to them.

I acknowledge they are a member of our species and let me tell you something else (oh shit I’m on a roll now). That foul-smelling downtrodden, unshaven, unbathed beggar would be your best pal in the world if you needed to enlist his assistance to help out a member of your own family…Right?

So keep things in perspective.

You watch TV.

Cover ALL your bases.

Two words for you.

Walking Dead.

To me, what is even scarier than that wildly successful franchise is the fact that sisters are turning against each other over the politics of the day.

I have said it before, who gives a damn about things you have no control over?

You inability to address or change them should relieve you of any obligation.

I always have trouble letting go of Christmas. Hence the annual dispute of whether we can leave the decorations and lights up all-year round.

Why not?

They make me smile.

But getting back to divides between family members:

Don’t do it.

There is no stronger bond than family.

Some doctrines proposed and ratified by lamebrains should not guide your actions.

God already has you covered.

I would never let go of Karen’s hand to chance being separated, I would wrap my arms around her and our tight clench would ensure we would stay together.

And I would make her give me room on the door.

So, no sense in letting go of the Christmas spirit; it’s way too early for that. Karen is not happy because she found my house map with my booby traps listed and I signed the map “Kevin.”

Keep the Christmas spirit all year long, if you are truly blessed.

When Christmas Comes to Town

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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