They say the International Space Station will fall from orbit soon. I know all the stories of how there are thousands of satellites falling out of the sky and how they burn up and do not make it to Earth.

But what if?…

Good news. People are actually starting to go back to work in numbers, dropping unemployment to around 4%.

Pretty cool.

Two people that I never cared for in the political arena are Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell. Pence actually called the ex-president a liar to the whole world. Both of them evidently have low-hanging fruit because they realize their careers are over when Trump comes back and decided to act like men.

My main man Mitch rebuked the Republican Party (his party) for the censure of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

At least he will leave with a little pride left.

Censure was a tactic of none other than Adolf Hitler.

I never heard of this Joe Rogan racist radio guy until I saw the story on CNN about him.

What a douche.

I told Karen that I am the Mexican Jack Reacher, and she surveyed me from head-to-toe, and kinda guffawed at the notion.


How do you compete with a dude like that? He’s huge, good-looking, no body fat, he has 23” arms, and on top of all that, he loves doggies.

Like me.

Sort of.

I love doggies.

In the NBA, a quick peek at sports and it is a true changing-of-the-guard and the young guns are in the transition of taking over. It looks like the only way Lebron will see the playoffs is on TV like all the rest of us.

My beloved Manchester United are still sucking wind, playing to a 1-1 draw with lowly Burnley.

Rangnick is NOT the answer.

Get Pochettino. With his predilection for potent offense and with the stable of prolific, skilled players on the squad, I believe he would dump Pogba, cut their losses, and turn the boys loose.

Get a world-class midfield to accompany the world-class offense that has been drastically mismanaged.

Why am I the only one that doesn’t see what is so good about Harry Maguire? He’s big, slow, plays just ok defense, and has a vertical jump that rivals that of Human Munster. He looks good in the box, but absolutely no one fears him. It used to mean something to wear the red and white.

I told my wife that I was phat, fly, fresh, and dope.

She told me two out of four ain’t bad.


Governor Hogan from Maryland is setting up a lottery to encourage people to get their booster shots.

That offends my sensibilities.

Getting paid to do the absolutely only right thing for mankind?


I could give a shit if you don’t get vaccinated.

Just stay in Maryland.

Is anyone else scared to death that Kamala Harris is so close to being our President?

I need a bowl.

Here’s a song:

I’m Easy

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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