Tell Me Why

The United States just do not match up with other football-playing countries.

Granted, we got a later start than other countries, but hey, this is the U.S.A. we are talking about.

When I was playing in an English Youth Football league, I was the only American selected to the All-Star club, which was total bullshit. Not because I was selected, but because three of my teammates were not.

I had earned my spot as the league’s leading scorer, having scored 18 goals, almost 2 goals per game, but our goalie had allowed only four goals in eleven games.


We were 10-1 at the break, and our right winger, who was also snubbed, led the league in assists. Our other snubbed All-Star was our bruising fullback who made any potential shooter feel very sore the day after the match.

So, the story was, we were stronger and way more physical against the usually smaller, quicker British squads we played, and in the end, we were ultimately out-finessed and finished in second place.

But this was in 1967.

This is a microcosm, of course, but why haven’t the Americans improved at least to the point of being competitive on the world stage?

We are the richest country.

We have the most resources.

We have the best facilities.

We have the biggest, fastest, strongest and best-trained athletes on the planet.

And we suck in football.


I’m watching the Dutch team run circles around the hapless Americans, and I don’t know why it is so hard to understand the simple concept of being first to the ball.

For 90 minutes.

I know why this Cup seems to be one of the more quiet gatherings. There haven’t been any riots or hooliganism which has been de rigeur at the latest quadrennial competitions.

At least they lost those fucking vuvuzela horns.

Very simply put, get drunk in public at the World Cup, or try rioting, and you could very well be another Brittney Griner, living her holidays in Hell.

Tell me why I feel the Republicans are scrambling, and just can’t believe they lost the Senate and several elections endorsed by the defrocked ex-president-dictator-wannabe.

If Trump is elected, we will be able to marvel at the stupid shit that not only comes out of his uninformed mouth, but his girl Marjorie Taylor Greene’s as well.

I’ll lay you even money that, as a little girl, she burnt every cake she tried in her Easy-Bake oven.

And Democrats, stop gloating.

It’s not like you have lit it up these past three years.

And what the fuck?

Gas is down to three bucks a gallon?

Tell me why people continue to operate as if they are the only person on earth, and not part of the collective human race?

Hearkens to my Red Dawn Theory, in which I posit that when aliens start dropping from the sky, you will forget all about any prejudices or differences we may individually harbor, because it will be an US versus THEM situation.

Guess what?

It already is.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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