Richie Havens Was Right

What on Earth possessed an American citizen from the third-world country of Michigan to a) go to Saudi Arabia, and b) trust strangers to deliver threatening words of the government to?


Those strangers were none other than police just waiting for a) an American dumbass, and 2) a chance to fuck with the Most Powerful Nation on Earth yet once again.

You won’t be coming back for a while.

Did you learn nothing from Brittney Griner?

How about the two kids in North Korea who were executed for watching South Korean movies?

Now we all knew the North Koreans were led by one crazy douchebag, but they might endanger their chances to host conventions or festivals there if they keep up this murder-thing they proffer as justice. Evidently watching Western movies is considered equally as evil as murder, and provides a one-way ticket to DeathTown.

I guess the leaders can sleep well at night because “you can’t say we didn’t warn you.”

With all that being said, it could be worse.

You could have 120 starving dogs rip the flesh off your bones.

Yeah, that’s another cultural difference America has with that country.

I can’t help but think how all those badasses in camo sporting AR-15’s and concussion grenades from the failed overthrow of our government on Jan 6th  would look trying to storm Kim Jong-un’s capitol building in Pyongyang.

I’d give you a couple hours due to good old American stubbornness and tenacity; but then you would get your justice delivered to you North Korean-style.

Try it.


You say you’re sick of our government and this isn’t your country anymore.



Don’t look now, but that BabyHead Putin (cue ball, side pocket) is watching the Ukrainians destroy his air force plane by plane. And I think you are going the wrong way on this one Charlie Brown.

All your commanders’ troops deserted, so now that you have fewer soldiers, what do you do?


You shoot the commander.

How about the poor soul that committed suicide by jumping off a parking structure at the Happiest Place on Earth? In a scene right out of Law and Order, thisis an example of what a liar with an agenda is capable of.

The fact that this man’s wife called the police on her husband because he yelled at her put him in an irreversible cycle which he could not escape.

I hope she’s happy.

Speaking of which, I think it is time for Olivia to finally take her last bows for the show.

This is probably not going to be a very politically-appropriate statement, but she is just too fucking old.

Just as I was saying what a dipshit she is, my girl Marjorie Taylor Greene is back doling out more pearls of wisdom.

She’s perfect for Trump.

Quit killing alligators and cutting them open to try and find kids that they ate.

How about you don’t take your kids fishing in rivers that are known harbors for alligators?


Maddogg did it again.

Problem solved.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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