Funny/Not Funny

Don’t look now, but Eli Lily, one of the charter members of Big Pharma, is going to be lowering the cost of insulin by 70%.

No why would these money-grubbing opportunists do a thing like that?

Government pressure.

That’s funny.

That’s all it took?

How many people died because those greedy bastards kept their prices so high that people who direly needed the medicine to live, were being forced to ration, or worse, forego, their life-saving insulin?

I’m not going to give an “attaboy” or “way to go” anytime soon, either. They have been raping us for years, and despite pleas for regulation of some sort on the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, they go unchecked.


What do you think?

Money, what else?

Truth be told, Lily isn’t the devil. They worked with Jonas Salk to help produce the polio vaccine, and it saved the world.

They also made Darvon which we ate like candy in the sixties.

Seconal was another staple in the late sixties, and I recall being able to buy a “roll of reds” for 10.00.

I was once prescribed Prozac as part of a lawsuit I brought against an ex-employer, but I was just faking it to get paid, and I never took them.

I was also quite familiar with Keflex, a penicillin derivative, as my wounded left foot was constantly being chopped to pieces before causing me much more pain, and many unnecessary surgeries disguised as debridement.

You don’t  “debride” an entire toe.

Something about Arizona laws blah blah blah…

Maddogg’s not buying it.

I am not blaming my BK left-leg amputation on this series of HACKS I went to, but they could have saved me a lot of bullshit recoveries and the eventual outcome is still the same.

Not funny.

Hard cheese.

You can call off the witch hunt.

The Chinese fucked up and let the virus out of their laboratory and unleashed it on the world.

They won’t admit to shit.

And I am pretty sure that Jee-bing-bing, their dumbass leader, won’t be happy until they defeat the United States of America in their quest for global dominance.

Not in war.

The economic battlefield.

The Chinese already own these AMERICAN companies:

  • Hilton Hotels (enjoy your stay, ass-wipe)
  • General Electric (shocking!)
  • Smithfield Hams (choke on it, asshole)
  • AMC Theaters (enjoy the show, dumbass)

In all, about 300 American companies are now Chinese companies. But they are only worth around 800 billion clams.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Not funny.

I always thought a global war or natural disaster would wipe us off the Earth, but the longer I live, the more convinced I am that our own avarice and discord will make a war not only unnecessary, but we appear more than willing to sell our own country out from under ourselves.

There will be nothing left to protect or fight for.

Now, before you think I am insane (like my wife the Domestic Despot), just keep an eye on further Chines acquisitions in this country, or what’s left of it.

Throw in another 350 billion in European companies including Volvo autos, and the next time you are eating Chinese food, and you never ordered any, don’t be surprised if I tell you, “I told you so, dumbass.”

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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