Bathing in a Different Country

Yesterday we looked at a quandary and today I will finish it up with the short-short story I wrote about the communal bathhouse in a tiny village in Japan.           Querulous implies complaining, something I do, but mostly in private. My problem is that I’ve never given a shit about anything, so if I don’tContinue reading “Bathing in a Different Country”


Who doesn’t love corn? Creamed, on the cob, or popped with that warm butter-like substance they put on it at the movie theater. Who doesn’t love a warm slab of cornbread wet with butter, and oozing with sweet honey? We first taste corn either through Gerber Baby Foods strained corn, or Tony the Tiger’s CornContinue reading “Corn”

Bubble Gum

Remember the big row of bubble gum machines that used to make one last money grab from kids as they would depart the market? For a quarter you could get anything from sour cherry gum balls, mini super balls, and Boston Baked Beans to SweetTarts. The toys in the little plastic balls was cheap, butContinue reading “Bubble Gum”

The End of the Innocence

An awesome song by Don Henley and the subject of today’s reading from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! I am sure in some point in time, I will record and post a few Don Henley tunes that I cover. Man, what a voice. A big musical influence on me and my style, asContinue reading “The End of the Innocence”

They Don’t Teach This in a Book

I learned early. I am six years-old on the back of my brother’s Honda Cub and we are winding through narrow Japanese dirt streets lined with vendors of all types: Household goods. Meat. Fish. Electronics (such as they were in 1960 Japan). Restaurants. Brothels. Yep, right there next to the tent that was selling frozenContinue reading “They Don’t Teach This in a Book”


What scares you? The first thing I remember that really scared the hell out of me was the 1960 classic The Fall of the House of Usher. That maniacal laugh of Vincent Price still gives me chills to this day. My parents had loaded us kids in the family car and pulled into the localContinue reading “Fear”