Put it right up there with heroin, oxycodone, and alcohol.

Addicting and sometimes even fatal as Princess Diana found.

It turns nobodies into nobodies who think they are somebody.


I am not exactly sure when this infatuation with being noticed actually began, but it has to be close to the time of the advent of social media.

I know I am an old fart, but I say fuck social media; I could easily exist with a phone that accepted and made calls.


The CIA, who never lies and is never wrong, have projected that crazy Chinese motherfucker Gee-bing-bing will order the invasion and acquisition of Taiwan in four years.

I give him two.

And my expanding readership obviously does not include that other crazy asshole Jong Un-il in North Korea. Otherwise he would realize that he should try and get along with everyone, embrace and find value in our differences, and work for a more peaceful, united planet.


How many North Korean rocket tests, fly-bys over foreign soil, missile launches, or military “exercises” (exercises, my ass!) will convince everyone else (but me) to start NOW in a strategy to prepare for this madman?

I am rarely incorrect in predicting the end-of-the-world.

Was that ever a dumbass statement.

And if you believe that, can you believe this, as that little bald lawn gnome Pooty-poot-Putin is getting his ass beat, that one of his top government officials, given the title of designated sacrifice, a woman who he evidently decided would be the scapegoat for the colossal fuck-ups and military embarrassment he calls an invasion, was found splattered on the sidewalk as she “fell” from her apartment’s 16th story window?


Only the very first incident of someone “falling” out of a window in the entire history of windows.


I love watching pictures of people on safari getting trampled, gored, or eaten alive. If that doesn’t teach a lesson to others who think it is fun and exciting to trespass into another soul’s (yes, animals have souls, don’t get me started) natural habitat where they live, raise their children, and have to endure poachers and dumb-fuck rich tourists in attempt to merely live out their lives.

May you and your progeny die an excruciatingly painful, slow death.

A little girl was booted off a beach in La Jolla, California, after she was caught throwing rocks and sand at a sun-bathing sea lion. Her idiot mother did nothing to teach this little criminal right from wrong, so she needs to be spayed so as to stop that infected bloodline. As for the little girl, it would not cause me to lose any sleep if she were fed to a school of sharks.

Aaron Rodgers.

I don’t give a damn what your decision is going to be: whether to accept almost sixty million dollars for one more season of football, or try for even more.

And you are such a little diva drama queen, locking yourself away in a dark jail cell, to “contemplate.”

What a crock.

A well-constructed Port-a-Potty would have been just as effective, why didn’t you go sit your ass down in one of those?


Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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