And You Wonder Why…

They keep doing dumb shit in Texas; they have become a punchline for police inaction and cowardice, the political leaders can do no right when it comes to abortion, and they had to postpone a high school graduation because there were not enough students that qualified to get their diplomas.

So, as the old dumbasses give way to the new wave of dumbasses, the status quo will remain the same in the state that put it’s inclusion on the shelf when it declared itself a separate Republic.

Eighteen years for sedition from the founder of the Oath Keepers who I will not waste keystrokes by typing his name.

I think fifty years is a sentence that fits the crimes he committed.

But not in our neutered system of justice. This cancer stands as yet another reason to hope that Trump doesn’t get re-elected, because he is on record as saying he will pardon those incarcerated for their roles in the Jan. 6th failed coup attempt.

The smug little asshole that propped his smelly feet up on the desk of Nancy Pelosi’s desk in the Ja. 6th failed coup attempt was given four years, or roughly 5 months per smelly toe, to think about how cool he thought he looked, mocking everything that Americans hold dear.

I think fifty years is a good number.

But that’s just me.

The retail giant Target is the latest victim of the American fascination with showing to the world how open and inclusive we are, and they are suffering a boycott of their stores as backlash for allowing the sale of transgender children’s clothes.

Here I go again being all politically incorrect, but what exactly the fuck are transgender children’s clothes anyway?

If you are a little boy who wants to wear girls clothing, just by big-size girl clothing, put on your sister’s makeup and your mom’s bra and shoes, and then one last thing.

Stay home.

North Hollywood parents are boycotting a PRIDE assembly, so it’s not like I’m just picking on Texas. California has long held the reputation as being super liberal, and open to anything.

Obviously, not everyone agrees.

The London Marathon is another victim as the winner of the recent race is a man entering and running as a woman.


It is biological.

Men are bigger, stronger, faster, and need to compete with their assigned-at-birth gender.

This is going to continue to happen until EVERY woman’s event, from swimming to gymnastics, is won by a man.

If I was one of the 14,000 women runners that lost to the man, I’d be pissed as hell.

A non-smoker was reprimanded at her workplace because she took breaks when smokers took breaks.

When I went on breaks, I would hit a couple bowls and play a few songs on my acoustic guitar which I brought to work. My breaks were always longer than the smokers’ who made it a point to hurry their habit before heading back to their desks.

I did no such thing.

Stay well.


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