Nice People

I am starting to sound like a broken record. I can count on two fingers the people who I cannot consider nice or otherwise on our road trip out here, as they were more disengaged than anything. But all the way out here and since arriving in Ohio, it is almost The Stepford State. SmilesContinue reading “Nice People”

Games and Friends

I picked up a nice little Ibanez acoustic electric guitar today, and it felt good to make my fingertips sore again. I’ll have to find a place to practice. I would lose myself in one of the many green Metroparks, but it is just too damn muggy for that. Is anyone watching the Olympics? BigContinue reading “Games and Friends”


Today is Original Song Monday and my offering this week is a song I wrote when I was in the band Bad Intent. The year was 1990. We were a tight little band playing mostly covers and the first song I was able to propose and have all the guys buy-in was this song Friends.Continue reading “Friends”