Second Chances

There are no second chances.

We are undeterred as we push forward with our second offer on a house. We were really hoping the inspection done this morning would be free of any major problems which would cost us, but alas, we have put a repair list together for the sellers to address, or not address and drop the asking price 15k.

Not sure their mindset, since ours was the only offer made on the house. We really like the house but will not waste any of our retirement doing a full rebuild. Our realtor, who is formidable, submitted the list tonight, so we will see what tomorrow brings.

I decided to play four songs (time permitting) at an open mic this Thursday night. I’ll see if my brother-in-law ADogg can tape it, and if successful, I’ll post it for Saturday’s blog. I asked what kind of music they typically play there and was told that covers are preferred, but he thinks they will take to my originals, so these are the songs I plan to play:

Look What You’ve Done by Jet

Rosie by Jackson Browne

Madman Across the Water by Sir Elton John, vocally my biggest influence.

Friends by Mark Diaz

I’ll keep you posted of course.

Now a plug for a great little breakfast spot I found a half mile away from our hotel.

It is called the Half-Day Café. It is led by a fellow ex-restaurant guy, and he now shepherds a staff of some of the nicest people you’ll ever want to know. I have eaten there four times and will continue my patronage until we close and move to our new digs, if it comes to pass.

They serve breakfast and lunch (hence the name), and it is all good. If you are ever in Mason, Ohio, you would do well to bring your family in for some awesome food and service.


Not only are Ohioans nice, but they are also smart. Today when we were out and about, it seems like overnight we saw a proliferation of mask-wearers in all businesses.

Not just the help.


The fact that young innocents are now being targeted by this insane virus I am sure, is contributing to the change in behaviour. I am just so sad that it took this catastrophic new development to get people to protect themselves, their families, and those in their communities.

Thank you.

I documented my “deaths” in a previous blog (2/19/20), but there are not many people anywhere that get a third chance.

Don’t tell me there isn’t a God.

I am almost certain that I am out of chances, and in order to stay topside and I am actually starting to listen to the Domestic Despot Karen bin Laden because as she insists: “Do what I say, and you will continue living.”

Seems easy enough, right?


Will I do it?


I am not 100% on it, but I absolutely, positively should at least consider it.


There are no second chances.

Stay well.

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