Two Words

It seems like today’s world revolves around two words everywhere you look.

My right.

No way.

Me too.

Get out.

Listening to EX-governor Mario Cuomo change his tune was funnier than firing up a blunt and watching an episode of Family Matters.

What a load of horseshit.

And he is a Democrat.

Certainly no Republican would ever denigrate women.

Right DJT?

I was at a high-end restaurant tonight and in a dining room of forty-seven (I counted), there was exactly ONE person of color.


None of us were wearing a mask, so I was surprised when a lone server arriving for the night shift was donning one. His presence doubled the number of non-whites in the restaurant.

I am on record FOR anything that will help our nation get back to some semblance of normalcy and good health, so I called the young man over, extended my hand and said, “You are the only one here who is right and everyone else is WRONG including myself.”

He was genuinely surprised and extend a fist pump.

I also vowed to start wearing a mask again when around other people. I figure if only ONE person decides to follow suit, it is a win-win.

So this will be my very last post about wearing masks or asking anyone to do so.

Here is what you not wearing a mask or observing any of the suggestions from the CDC means to me:

Shorter lines at the drive-in at CVS to pick up my medicines.

Less people online, keeping my internet speeding along.

Less people on the freeways, putting an end to traffic jams.

Less people to wait behind at the grocery store.

Less orders from Amazon, speeding up delivery of my items.

Two words.

Less people.

This includes your own family members.

More jobs for less candidates.

Less criminals.

Less murderers.

Your right.

Your absence will raise the intelligent quotient of the entire human race which you are no longer a member of. Here’s two more words that you can’t avoid.

Now hiring.

If you can, go to work.

So, continue your quest to find your place in the sun. And if you feel like this isn’t your country anymore get the fuck out.

Go where you are wanted, not merely tolerated.

I am getting ready to spark up some wacky tobacky so I can calm down and enjoy my wife’s company, as we ponder our remaining days on this planet.

So with two words being the theme of today’s blog, I will finish with two words to those ignorant souls who refuse to believe.

Thank you.

I’ve had enough.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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