Not only one of the greatest sports stories ever made into film, but here come the Hoosiers of War.


Whatever happens from this point on and I can only unfortunately think it will be terrible for the Ukrainians, they have shown that you don’t fuck around with their country.

Except in the movie, the underdog wins.

Don’t think that is in the cards in this situation, but every second the patriots keep Putin’s forces at bay, the more ridiculous BabyHead Putin looks like.

To everyone in the world.

We are fortunate enough in America to believe that we are truly immune from aggressors. We believe we are safe, but really, how safe are any of us? Everyone who doesn’t have access to launch a nuclear weapon is at risk of those that do.

We are all equally safe and at risk.

It doesn’t make me sleep any easier.

I do like the financial war being waged, but I got chills when I was reading how inflation has driven the ruble down to below a penny’s worth. There is no food on the shelves. It takes a suitcase of marks to buy daily groceries if they are available.

Did I say Deutsche Marks? I meant rubles.


It’s just that reminds me out of something William Shirer might have written about Hitler’s rise to power in prewar Nazi Germany.

By now, almost everyone on the planet has seen the film of the missile exploding at the Kharkiv Region State Administration Building. With today’s technology, we are able to actually make out the missile itself as it hits its target.

Just remember, behind it is some idiot that has been given his sense of self worth from a madman who looks like Charlie Brown’s Evil Mini-Me.

I doubt the Ukrainians can hold out indefinitely without support other than troops and maybe a tank or two, and a rocket launcher or three.


Where are your balls?

Maersk: Good on ‘ya for cutting shipping to Russia.

Who is this Tucker Carlson dumbass?

Toyota stopped production in Japan. Isn’t that like Disney World seceding from Florida?

In their case it was due to a cyber attack to a major supplier.

There was story of a ship, the Felicity Ace, that caught fire and eventually sank off the coast of Portugal. It was loaded up with Porsches, Lamborghini’s, and other cars I can’t afford. I was very glad this sinking involved no loss of life, but there was no loss of sleep on my end about it, I can tell you that.

The personal savings and assets of the people in Russia will be next up. If Russia’s access to the banking infrastructure is terminated, anyone with a savings account:

“THANK YOU  for contributing to the collective good, Comrade.”

Remember that, people, the next time you want to say how bad you have it, how bad our country is being run, how bad our economy and justice systems are, and how “this isn’t my country anymore.”


By all means go to a country where you are happy.

It will make me happy, too.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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