School Safety

Talk about a contradiction of terms.

Safety measures have come a long way in schools, but when you look closely, not very far at all.

You had a school bully who kept the rest of the students in line. There were hall monitors, composed of teachers with bad attitudes because they would much rather be in the Teacher’s lounge smoking than looking for wayward students.

Why did we even need these minimal safety measures? We lived on an Air Force base meaning, to even get to our school, they would have to crash through two gate barriers, avoid being stopped by other motor vehicles, avoid being shot by armed guards and about five thousand military personnel.

We weren’t afraid of that happening.

No, we had bigger fish to fry, like jumping under our rickety wooden desks in the event of a nuclear bomb. All we knew of them was the ominous fiery, mushroom clouds which we were certain ensured total destruction.

But we had our desks to protect us.

We have too much protection for criminals in our legal system.

There, I said it.

I know a lot of people believe it, and you only have to look at our trials for justice in this country.

No one ever found out FOR CERTAIN if JFK was really killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Too many protections in place.

For our lawmakers.

Think about that for a second.

Here’s two words that will amplify our need for justice:

Kyle Rittenhouse.

The little asshole who got off scot-free for killing two men at a civil rights rally where he just happened to be packing assault weapons and ordinance. I have seen some really bad acting before (Jeff Daniels and Christina Ricci come to mind), but nothing approximating the elephant tears of the murderous racist as he pleaded for his freedom.

And they bought it.

I have seen enough revenge movies to know that somewhere, someone who has much more vested in attaining justice, will find a way to even the scales.

It’s the American Way.

With so many people wanting children of their own, you don’t have to chain your child up in a dog kennel.

Oh wait.

Those aren’t people.

They are less than scum.

They don’t count.

Another reason why wild animals should be left in the wild: a grandmother has disappeared and the 22-foot python is the main suspect. So no one noticed the huge lump in the snake as granny was dissolved slowly?

When God made the planet, he put things where he wanted them.

Leave them there.

He meant for huge trees to stay huge, not chopped down and put on trucks. As far as we have come, are we still so myopic that we can’t see the conspiracy around saving our planet?

Plastic or other synthetic materials should be what we build our houses from, but there is always some greedy asshole who believes their appreciation of “real wood” outweighs everyone else on the planet’s needs.


Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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