Crazy World

I was just writing about Brittany Griner yesterday, and JoJo is finally prepared to talk with BabyHead Putin about a prisoner exchange. Not that I am claiming any sort of influence, but it is interesting timing.

We are always hearing about fires, and many encroach on my old west coast home in Santa Barbara, but now, it’s getting serious.

Wayne National Forest in my new home state of Ohio lost 1300 acres.

That sucks.

Also, people, don’t take babies to nice restaurants.

It’s stupid, rude, and selfish.

If you can’t afford a babysitter for a few hours to enjoy a night out with your spouse, you probably can’t afford to eat there anyway. Go to family chain restaurants that are prepared to handle crying kids in their mostly loud establishments.

Tigers, crocodiles, and various other wild animals are eating our children.




That old bird had her day, and she was just so-so. But now she is humiliating herself by trying to project an over-sexualized image and I, for one, am embarrassed for her.

You and Cher can walk around with young men on your arms all you want, but you are just a couple of old bats walking around with young men on your arms.

Don’t go buying this or that shoe to help you fight neuropathy in your feet.

That is not the problem.

High sugar intake is the problem.

Change your diet and take a stroll now and then, and you can slow the loss of nerves and blood flow in your feet.

You can’t reverse it, but you can surely slow down the process.

It’s nice to see that moneybags Elon Musk has found something he can’t buy his way out of. He’s fucking up Facebook left and right. That’s what happens to the ultra-rich when they try to do things themselves. That is the  exact reason why they have lackeys and a staff of “yes-men” and “yes-women.”

Let them do their jobs; you handle acquisition and finance and stay the fuck out of the business end of your unstable empire.

The CEO of Tyson Foods got fucked up and passed out in the wrong house.


Fellow dipshit.

I once got blind drunk, ate several Seconal, and ended up kicking in the door to my apartment where it couldn’t open “in” or “out” due to my assault.

Except it wasn’t my apartment.

I passed out on the sidewalk.

Very charming.

It was my friend Rickys’ and his wife and small child. Although I really felt like dogshit and actually considered stopping drinking, that incident caused them to move out away from me.

I didn’t wonder why.

How about that little eight-year old kid applying to work so he could pay for an Xbox that he wanted? In this day and age where workers are turning into lazy money-centric bots, and nobody actually wants to work anymore, the story prompted me to take a couple more hits and bask in the glow of finding ONE kid who has his shit together.

Rock on, little brother.

Stay well.


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