Stay With Me Now

No question that I am, and always have been a big dog lover starting with our family pets to our two Cocker Spaniel brothers tearing through the house tonight.

I am seeing far too many stories of children and adults being killed by dogs. Before I go any further in my own thought process, I will start with one irrefutable fact:

When puppies are born, the very farthest thing in their little noggins is hurting, mauling, or killing anybody.

Somebody else is culpable for that and hopefully, they were run over by a crazed truck driver and dragged under the tires, still alive, for three miles before dying in bloody, crushed, and crumpled piles of unidentifiable flesh, bone, and blood.

How tragic, a little two-year old boy dies after ingesting his mother’s CBD gummies.


First of all, they had to be THC gummies to even get the little guy stoned, let alone dead.

It was something else.

You do not OD on marijuana. If so, he would be the first known victim in the history of Creation.

Still tragic.

I fly so rarely anymore, that if I fly, I will go first class. Now I will be courteous and respectful to anyone and everyone, but if you think for even one millisecond that I am giving up my seat for your baby and changing seats, you are so far from reality that you don’t even register on the census.

Not that I’m uncaring or anything.

I’m not moving.

And what is it with airlines overbooking and getting caught, because they are greedy assholes with no souls and make their livelihoods by screwing people over on a daily basis?

Just wondering.

They are swine, the whole oligarchy.

The entire country has only come together a few times in history; I would say WWII when we had enough of that fuckhead Hitler and Japan, and then with the Cold War with those dumbshit Russians and JFK’s rise to power.

It seems since then, the country just doesn’t get it.

Your party is not the rightful leading voice to follow without question. If you haven’t learned anything, at least know that you must question everything and everyone.

If not, you’re meat.

Those wacky Ukrainians are back at it again, kicking Russia’s ass and forcing massive troop withdrawals.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the massive troop defections are doing so “in accordance with the military strategy and orders.”

What is the strategy?

To declare war on an inferior opponent with much less to fight with and get your asses kicked? The Russians underestimated the indomitable Ukrainian spirit and that mistake now has BabyHead Putin running for cover.

I am sure the orders are authentic, and for ease of reading, I have translated the Russian to English.

“Get the fuck out of there!”

Tres embarrassment.

A Fed-Ex driver in Brooklyn murders some guy in a hit and run and as of this writing, was still on the loose.

How do you get away without anyone identifying you, unless it was an unknown criminal that stole the Fed-Ex truck?

I have watched far too many episodes of Law and Order.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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