Just to be Clear

Enough with wild animals eating children. This time, an alligator was the guilty party.

Once again, I am horrified and piteous of the parents of the eight-year old boy. To see the creature float lazily away downriver with the lifeless (God, tell me he was lifeless) body of their son is the stuff of lifelong night terrors.

But, was it known to them that alligators inhabited the river? It surely cannot be the first-ever sighting of an alligator in the river? In that case, and I am one-hundred percent certain they knew of the alligator risk, but decided to let their son play in the shallow water of the river anyway, where underneath him is a sign, written in alligatorese that says: “free tender young humans.”

Like I was saying, those murderous parents should be forced to go stand in the river in the very same place their child was consumed. For three days, or until they suffered the same fate as their progeny.

Whichever comes first.

If they happen to survive, they will be fed to a wood-chipper.

One limb at a time.

Easy Maddogg, easy boy.

I am doing bowls of this Jack Le Peu Sativa strain, and it is pounding me. I didn’t ask my Budtender, but it sounds like it is somehow related to our old friend Pepe Le Peu. It is a sweet smoke that comes in at 32% THC.

Love it.

Ears ringing, the same glow you can’t remove from your face if you tried.

You know.

It’s sad when your heroes get old; even sadder when they pass on.

Bruce Willis has been a badass actor for decades.

Who hasn’t quoted a line from Die Hard?

I will pray for him tonight.

Just when I started talking shit about the high crime rate in Dayton, my little Miamisburg, just south of Dayton, has a Lowe’s that was robbed at gunpoint today while I was watching the college football games.

I got my barbecue grill from there. My wife shops there.

Think about it.

It can happen anywhere, anytime.

Speaking of college football, I got to watch Notre Dame, with college kids averaging well over three-hundred pounds and over six-feet five inches, get pushed around by Navy men who refused to quit. The Navy players averaged closer to six-feet two inches and two-hundred and fifty pounds.

Didn’t matter.

They don’t quit.

The Irish got shut down completely in the second half as Navy fell valiantly 35-32. That is why, back when I WAS betting football games, I never bet the game against the Midshipmen.

My takeaway, all football aside, was that I am glad those guys are protecting us. I have a great admiration for the Navy, having been on the USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Ticonderoga.

My biggest desire, when I was growing up, was to be a Naval fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier.

This was decades before Top Gun.

My plans were derailed when it was discovered that an accident I was in (hit by a truck) when I was four years-old, had altered my brainwaves enough to disqualify me for consideration into any of the military academies (even the Coast Guard!).

Their loss. I envision myself as the hell Rambo.

Still do.

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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