They Did it Again

So some chefs are starting to use marijuana products in their dishes.

Took long enough.

And they wonder why the clientele is very happy, talkative, and have that unmistakable glow you get when you ingest a decent amount of THC.

Don’t you notice how being stoned enhances your senses anyway?

The depth of the plates astound.

The colors mesmerize.

The flavors send you to places you can only see on screensavers.

But you don’t need to spend two-hundred bucks on a four-course dinner to experience that.

Here, eat a handful of my SinMints 33.9% THC Indica strain. I won’t cloak the taste with any flavorings or infusions, only the sweet smell and taste of really good marijuana.

Trust me, you won’t need any side dishes. If you eat enough, you’ll start to think that YOU are a side dish.

Sounds very much like a Netflix movie, but this was real. A young woman goes down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where she “mysteriously” dies.

Did you see the video?

She didn’t die; she was murdered.

So mark vacations as one more place in the world that you are not safe.

And mark your friends as enemies.

What a wonderful world, eh?

So put “being drowned in a lake full of animal feces” as just one more way that I would rather not check out from this planet.

Can’t imagine.

Gustave, a notorious 20-ft. alligator, has been accused of eating as many as three-hundred people.

Can’t believe he didn’t get deathly sick just from that alone.

How about this?

People don’t go courting death due to your idiocy and curiosity.

Gustave was there first; his family is probably hundreds of years old.

Leave him the fuck alone.

Stay out of his area.


Maddogg did it again.

Problem solved.

So my boy Elon Musk fucking up again.

He has the presumptive balls to let go that freak Alex Jones, but then turns around and lets fuckface Trump back on his platform.

True colors.

Why does it appear that the man is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing, the penultimate in hucksters, and also appears, against all reason, to be way too comfortable in chaos?

Just like somebody else who shall go nameless.

Who benefits in chaos?


Both of them for starters.

Enough of politics.

I will be going off my diet at a little family celebration we are attending at an Outback Steakhouse. It is for my wife’s niece (am I the Uncle in-law?) and she just recently graduated with a degree in fine arts.

I look at art like magic. Something totally amazing and also something I am not capable of.

Not defeatist; realistic.

Two words as a commentary on Maddogg’s art: stick men.

Although I remember years ago liking the “Bloomin’ Onion” menu item, but although I really enjoyed them, now I might be able to pork down six-to-eight of the individual straws.

Save room for the meat.

Tomorrow I go into serious practice mode for my Nov. 25th gig.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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