Checking In

A weather balloon.


Now it’s just debris, but why did it take so long for the bubbleheads in our Defense Department to shoot it down? And why is a mere weather balloon the size of a football field? Must be a whole lot of data it is collecting.

Even an old country boy like me can figure that one out.

And all you hear from the talking heads in the press is their new buzzword: force majeure.

Do they even know what that expression means?

It can mean literally, anything.

The balloon flew off course because of force majeure.

No, the balloon flew exactly the course it had plotted for months.

China is threatening action?

Kiss my ass, China.

In a new world of political correctness, people on television have to be chosen for their skills, regardless of gender or race. This has led to ugly people on television sets everywhere.

Gone are hot weather babes (I really miss them).

Gone is the silly co-anchor with a plunging neckline. You really didn’t know or care what she was saying, but you were sure it was cute.

Gone are the tasty little newbies covering the human interest stories.

I have gotten to the point of listening to the news rather than watch it. In the morning, I keep it on in the background like kids used to do years ago with MTV.

I listen to CNN News early in the morning and then switch to Fox News for the second half.

That way I get to listen to the world’s news stories through two differing perspectives, and hence, ideologies.

This, not politics or political personalities, is the underlying reason our country is so polarized.

We are losing common ground and we must get it back before “that side’s yours and this side’s mine” (thanks George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers).

Why in the world are women still undergoing disfiguring facial surgery just so they can look like Jessica Rabbit, a cartoon character?

They end up looking more like Daisy Duck(lips).

So, my solution to all the world’s ills is simple.

Put good-looking people back on the news. That way, we are still listening to the bullshit but at least it is a little easier on the eyes in the morning.

Now that I am retired, I would like for them to push the new either up to three AM when I always seem to wake up, or at nine AM when I wake back up.

Not too much to ask for.

Was Casemiro’s red card and accompanying three-game suspension warranted? Poor form, indeed, a yellow for certain, but red? I rewatched the video and I don’t know. The appeal will surely happen and I just don’t know which way the decision will go. As a Red fan, I am hoping for the best.

What happened to Man City?

They looked downright invincible when the season began, but there’s trouble in paradise.

Erling Haaland is having trouble with Pep Guardiola, so stay tuned…

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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